Boxing Match by Katsuya Masuda

Written by Bernard Sim

Masuda is a very clever man as we can tell from most of his effects. When I have this item on my hand, I didn’t read the instructions yet and was playing around with the box. The cover of the box looks unusual as there are no prints on it, but other than this, I couldn’t find anything unusual.  As for the cover, there is no concern for worry as layman probably wouldn’t notice it.

I went online to check out the demo and was pleasantly surprised to see the visual change of the card. All magic demos are supposed to look great on the screen, so I took out the Boxing Match and began to play with it. All I can say is WOW! This looks as good as the demo! I was smiling to myself thinking how clever this thing is. This is a very cool effect, fun to play with as well as fun and easy to perform. It is suitable even for beginners as there are no difficult moves.

I wish I was as clever as Masuda. Check out some of his other items too.

Highly recommended. Rating 4.5/5


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