“COINS THRU THE TABLE” by Shigeo Futagawa

Written by John Teo

Four coins through the table has become a classic trick in coin magic.  The effect is that one coin passes through the solid table one at a time.

What about performing this classic trick using picture cards instead of actual coins and a table?  Immediately, this will arouse much interest with the audience especially when the picture cards are being displayed.

In effect, six cards are shown to consist of the following pictures.  One card has the picture of a solid wooden table.  One card has a blank face, and four cards have a picture of a coin on each of their faces.

The blank face card is placed face downwards under the table card.  The four coin cards are counted to show there are four coins.

With a magic gesture, one of the coin cards become blank.  One coin has penetrated through the table.  Another gesture and another coin card has beome blank.  Two coins have penetrated the table, claims the performer.

The third card is turned face downwards.  When it is next turned face upwards, the coin is gone, leaving a blank face.  Similarly, the fourth coin card is turned face down and then face up – it too becomes blank.  There are now four blank cards where originally, there were four coin cards.

The blank card underneath the table card is turned over.  It now has the picture of all four coins together in this card.  The four coins have passed through the table, one at a time!

The performer then proceeds to reveal how the coins managed to go through the table.  Mysteriously, there is now a hole through the table card!  Originally, there was no hole seen at all on this table card.  The coins have apparently passed through this hole!  Where did this hole come from?

This is a well constructed trick with a stong climax.  You receive the 6 specially printed cards plus a sheet of instructions written by Max Maven.  The illustrations are by Ton Onosaka and the cards are very well produced.

You need to cut the hole on one of the cards with an exacto knife.  Since this is a packet card trick, you also need to know the sleights associated with packet card tricks such as Jordan Count, Glide and other card moves.  If you find it difficult to follow the written instructions, you can go to the youtube to watch the demonstration:

Watch the Demo!

This should help tremendously.  With proper handling, the effect can be performed surrounded.  If you are both a card and coin enthusiast, you will love Shigeo Futagawa’s “Coins Thru The Table” packet card trick.

Highly recommended!