AMAZEBOX by Mark Shortland

Written by Bernard Sim

I had this thing sitting on my office floor for a long time before I finally open it for review. The packing for this thing is flat but big. It’s like the size of A2. When I opened it, there is a white piece of cardboard with lines for easy folding.  So far, I haven’t a single clue on what it does or how it works. Inside the package, there is a card that tells you not to assemble the box before watching the video. As for the video, it’s a link to an online video and this is the first time I watch an instructional video without having to key in a password. I guess the creator doesn’t see the need for a password which I more or less agree as a general password doesn’t really help in protecting it. Anyway, back to the review.

While watching how the box is being folded, I can’t help but wonder how the creator can come up with such an idea. The folds of the box are rather clever and fit nicely. I think this box has many potential uses. You can easily force a billet; do predictions and a LOT more. I am not a mentalist and I can see so much use for this box. Mentalist will surely have many ideas for the use of this box. Imagine a force bag made in the shape of a box, much like a suggestion box with a slot where you can put in pieces of paper. The box doesn’t look like a magic prop and thus will not create suspicion. This box works great in a stage or parlour setting. You can still use it in a close-up setting if you don’t mind bringing the box around. The video doesn’t teach you any routines but I think you can easily come up with a few routines with it. The box can be packed flat and bring around. However, due to the material of the box, it will eventually succumb to wear and tear.

While I like the construction of the box and its secret, I wish a different material is used. Nonetheless, I still think this is a great utility device.

Rating:  8/10 Highly Recommended.