Written by Bernard Sim

Juan Pablo’s Bare Hands Bill Production was released a few years ago.  At that time, I don’t see many people doing it.  I only know of one person who does it and till now, he is still doing it.

Money effects...who doesn’t like it.  Money always attracts spectators.  For Bare Hands Bill Production, you can produce up to 6 bills one at a time.  Please note that this is very different from Osaka Bills which is a stage effect.  Osaka bills is like Miser’s Dream except that paper bills are used instead of coins.  For Osaka Bills, the production only uses 1 hand to produce the bill and the bill produced comes out like a flash.  With 2 hands, you can produce many bills to fill the stage.  For Pablo’s Bare Hands, you will require a gimmick which is provided.  The production requires 2 hands and you can always show your hands empty.  It looks clean and visual.

Pablo also includes variations for the multi bill production.  One of them is a bill change, in the midst of producing multiple bills, a blank paper is produced and then changed to a bill.  The other variation is a combination of a single bill production and then with a fold, changes to a bigger denomination bill.  This one looks really good.  This method can also be used for a bill to anywhere effect.  Another interesting variation is a fast torn and restore bill.  It uses the same method for the bill productions.  There are many variations of the bill production in this DVD, all of them are based on his bill switch and bill production.  The variations are pretty much similar.

One thing to take note of is that this effect will only work with paper bill and polymer bills will not work.  With many variations included, I don’t think you will use all the variations in the DVD.  The multiple bill production is something which I think most people will use.

Like I said before, people tend to be attracted to money.  I think Bare Hands is an overlooked product and is worthy of investment.

Rating:  8/10 Recommended.