Written by Bernard Sim

Roped Evolution is a very visual and magical rope routine.  If you have seen the trailer, you’d know what I mean.

This routine is very different from your other rope routines.  While this can only be done as an opener for your rope routine, it can be a very interesting one.  The actual routine is very short and if you are an MC, this would be very suitable for you.  As for magicians, to perform this on its own would not be very good (IMO) as this routine establishes you as a magician and your spectators would expect more.  It is also not very difficult to add routines after performing Roped Evolution.   You’d end up with 2 equal lengths of regular ropes, so you can essentially perform anything with it.  You can even do a cut and restore without fear of damaging the Roped Evolution routine as the ropes you end with are regular ropes and easily replaceable.

What you get are 2 regular ropes, a gimmick and a DVD.  The routine is very easy to perform and the initial set-up will take about 1 min.  Performance set up is less than 30 seconds but you have to do it under cover.  Pablo teaches you how to do a set-up in the midst of your performance.  The instructions given are clear and easy to understand.  You’d have no problem performing this once you have watched the DVD.

Many have agreed that a rope routine always lack a kicker ending, while Roped Evolution doesn’t help in that ending, it sure does help in the opening.  If you have a rope routine in your act, you should add this in immediately!

Rating:  9/10. Highly Recommended.