Written by Derek Lee

This effect shows that the magician is able to control the location of the cards effortlessly, almost instantly, hence the name of the trick – light speed.  He does that by putting the named cards at its exact position after spelling out the card.  This product is available as a video download from Penguin.

Example scenario, magician gets two spectators to say aloud two different cards.  Spectator A names the five of hearts and spectator B names the ten of clubs.  Magician demonstrates extraordinary skills by being able to put the five of hearts card into his desired position and that is by counting f-i-v-e-o-f-h-e-a-r-t-s, the card five of hearts would be revealed.  For the 2nd phase, he is able to seemingly take out the other named card and put it almost instantly in his desired location.  By spelling out t-e-n-o-f-c-l-u-b-s, the ten of clubs is revealed. 

This is a great idea for a magical effect as it can be an ‘impromptu trick’ with a borrowed deck.  The trailer really looks good and is misleading because it only shows the second phase.  People who buy the trick will be disappointed to know that to achieve the miracle shown on the video, some preparation is required in first phase and the first phase deteriorates the whole trick unless you are very good at reacting superfast in different scenarios.  Lots of practice is required to make this effect look good in performance.  Luckily this is not a very expensive trick.

Instructions are very clear and concise as Rick took time to explain the handling of the trick thoroughly.

My rating: 7/10