NEVER THERE by Morgan Strebler

Written by Bernard Sim

Was it a special app?  No, it’s their phone.

Was it special programming?  No, programming can’t be done on the spot (right?).

Was it an old photo in their phone?  That’s possible but highly unlikely (right?).

The above were the questions I thought of while watching the trailer.  Again, another great trailer from Sandsmind.  The effect of being able to take oneself out of a digital photo is certainly intriguing.  There is no sleight of hand required for the effect.  While the method is not difficult, you’d be required to make some gutsy move while pattering.  I feel that some of the sharp-eyed spectators may find discrepancies in the vanished photo.  Morgan Strebler kept stressing that you have to really practice before performing this trick.  While you can practice some of the moves, you’d probably need real performance as a practice to make it good.  The main part of the effect is to be able to add misdirection using patter, and you can only get good with that when you really perform it.

The DVD covers says that you can perform this with any smartphone.  That is not true, you probably can perform this with most Smartphone but definitely not ALL Smartphones.  There are certain restrictions on some phones that will give away the secret move when performing it.  The DVD only teaches you how to perform this effect on an iPhone and doesn’t even talk about other phones with different OS.

I am not really impressed by this, especially when there are phone restrictions.

Rating:  6.5/10