Written by Bernard Sim

I’m in a dilemma, is Sweet N Salty good or junk?   When I first saw the packaging in a pile of review stuff, it doesn’t stand out.  In fact, it looks cheap and I am hesitant in reviewing it as I have other stuff to review.  Look at the packaging and see if it gives you the same feeling it gave me.

NEVER judge a book by its cover!  I open it and saw what’s in it.......i was even more disappointed!  I thought it was a common gimmick which everyone had.  Upon closer inspection, it was actually different from what I thought.  When I read the instructions and saw the important part of the gimmick, I was impressed!

The written instruction is very basic, it doesn’t teach you any routine and it only explains how to use it and it includes a link to download the 150mb video instructions.  The written instruction “teaches” you how to vanish the salt but first you must buy Vernet’s Ethereal Salt.  Ha, a subtle but not so subtle pitch.  Never about the written instructions, I’m sure most of you would just download and watch the video, that’s what I did.  I downloaded the video.......5 mins later, I get this:

4 hours to download! I’m on a 100mps fibre connection and it takes 4 hours to download!  Well, I guess I can’t review now; I’ll have to wait for it to finish downloading. I’ll be back......

45 mins later....... still downloading. ….  I’m back!  Finally downloading is completed!  And it took 1 hour to download the 150mb size video.  Let me go watch the video and I’ll be back and continue with the review..

Ok, I’m back with the reviews.  A total of 10 routines in the video, while some routines are similar, they are quite practical.  Most routines are vanishing and appearing in impossible places such as a sharpie’s pen cap.  The gimmick also be used to produce salt from person’s nose, elbow, ears etc, much like a miser’s dream routine.

An interesting routine would be the combination of this and a Gypsy Thread routine.  At the end of the thread restoration, the thread is then transformed into a stream of salt.  Another strong routine is the separation of salt and pepper, this routine would work well in a restaurant and you don’t even have to prepare in advance to perform this routine.  Most of the routines are interesting and most importantly, workable.

Despite all the hiccups, I am really impressed by this utility device.  Unlike single trick releases in recent times, you are getting plenty of bang for your buck for this trick. This is like old school magic, I like old school.  Do not be put off by the simple packaging, do yourself a favour and get this.

Rating:  9/10. Highly recommended