Written by Bernard Sim

With a sharpie, Four spots are drawn on each corner of a Post-It pad. One by one, with the rub of a finger the spots are visibly moved to one corner of the pad. The top sheet with the accumulated spots, is now peeled off and given away to examine.

Product description:
The written description pretty much summarised what the spectator sees for this effect, but the video demo is not really what was seen. The demo has been edited so that all the secret and necessary “moves” are not shown. Having said that, if you were to ask a spectator what they just saw, they’ll probably describe it as what the demo has shown.

This routine is based on Al Schneider’s Coin Matrix. It’s a brilliant routine and all coin workers will have a version, or two. However, you’d need a table to perform Coin Matrix, not quite possible for most strolling magicians.

Then came The Matrix Pad. This effect is simple and easy to understand. Your spectator gets to keep the Post-It pad sheet at the end of the routine. The method is easy and you’d need twenty seconds preparation time every time you perform it. The subtleties taught are quite effective, leading to a more believable performance. The weakest point in the routine is when you need to move the last spot to the corner. With proper misdirection, this can also be taken care of, so it is not really an issue here.

You are supplied with a prepared gimmick made with a Q-Connects pad. I am not sure if you can easily get this brand anywhere. If you want to use 3M, it is not a problem as you are supplied with another gimmick to make your own. The size of the pad is pretty standard , i.e 3” by 3” . You will need this size as the gimmick is made for such size. You can use any color pad you want.

At US$29.95, I think this is very reasonable as you get gimmicks for two sets. The DVD explanation is very clear, and it is easy to learning this routine.

This effect is easy to perform, easy to understand and the spectator gets to keep the paper as a souvenir – a most suitable form of magic for table-hopping as the pad takes up little pocket space. If you are restaurant-magician or walkaround magician, I encourage you to add this to your repertoire. For hobbyists, it’s the same, and I’m sure your spectator will enjoy it.

If you have read the original ‘The Matrix Pad’ review before, you’d know that the above review is exactly the same. It’s the same because even though this is an updated version, there is no significant difference that warrants an upgrade if you already have the previous version.

There are 3 main differences in this updated version, the gimmick is stronger, with a box for easy storage during your walk-about performances and lastly, the price of US$39.95, a difference of $10 from the original. If you don’t have this effect, you should consider it as it is rather strong.

8/10, recommended as before.