NU FLASH by Zamm Wong & Bond Lee

Written by Bernard Sim

Nu Flash is a very visual bill to playing card which can be used to change a bill to a single playing card, a name card, an envelope, a pile of cards or even a full deck.

There are many visual card changes around.  Most of them will just require you to throw the gimmick card into the air for the change to occur.  For Nu Flash, you’d need to do a few moves before the bill can be changed.  If you are familiar with those that exist in the market, Nu Flash’s method is different, you’d need some practice to get it to be smooth.

Nu Flash comes with an instructional DVD and a gimmick which has been prepared.   All you need to do is to add your own bill.  The DVD starts with teaching you how to prepare the gimmick and then teaches you several other ways to use the gimmick.   There is also a non-bill version which seems to be like an after-thought thrown in as a filler.  You’d have to take note that polymer bills will not work here.

The DVD has Zamm Wong teaching it accompanied by Bond Lee asking questions to aid in the learning process.  I find it very difficult to listen to what they were saying as the background music were at the same volume as their conversation.  I like the visual change of this effect but I find that there must be a reason to justify the change from a bill to a card.  If you’d use it just to change from a bill to a card and end there, I think that will not work, however, if it’s part of a longer routine, that’s fine.

Rating:  6.5/10  At least they made an effort to provide a pre-made gimmick, unlike some who just throw in a DVD and sell.