MR LIFTO by Ryan Schlutz

Written by John Teo

As the title of the effect suggests, you as the performer, are able to lift with your bare hand, a bunch of cards arranged in a rosette fashion.  Ryan Schlutz has incorporated a card revelation in this in as well.

In actual effect, here is what happens.

A spectator freely selects a card.  It is then lost in the deck.  The performer takes from the deck a bunch of cards (about a dozen of them) and lay them out face downwards on the table in a rosette fashion.

Several spectators, including the person who chose the card, rub their palms together to generate “special power”.  They then “transfer” their powers to the performer by extending their fore-fingers and touching the back of his open palm.

After being charged up with their power, the performer places his open palm on the cards laid out on the table.  To everybody’s surprise, when he lifts up his hand, the entire bunch of cards adhere to his palm!

The performer slowly turns his palm face upwards and the spectators can see the faces of the bunch of cards.  None of them happens to be the chosen card.
The performer proceeds to turn his palm face downwards once again.  This time, all the cards drop off his palm except one card which he holds between his fingers and his thumb.  It is the spectator’s selected card!

You receive the special gimmicked card, and 2 accessories that are to be used with this gimmicked card.  You also receive an instructional DVD in which Ryan teaches you everything you need to know how to perform this effect.

You have to supply your own deck of bicycle cards.  You need to specify, when ordering, whether you want the gimmicked card to be supplied with red or blue back bicycle card.
The effect is easy to perform, and is quite angle-proof.  It is reset instantly, and there is no force on the card to be selected.  The entire effect can be considered as self-working.
In Mr Lifto, you show your audience an impossible card stunt, and then you reveal their chosen card. 

Cool!  (9/10 stars rating).