Written by John Teo

Manufactured by:  Redefine Magic (Singapore)

Reviewed by:  John Teo


Emoji is everywhere.  It is the “in-thing” to everybody.  We use emojis in our social media.  There are myraid merchantise bearing emoji umages. 

If we can incorporate emojis in our magic, we are considered to be performing magic with up-to-date items.

Jeremy Pei’s “Emoji Cards & Sticks” is more than a magic effect, they are a useful resource for performing magic with emoji.

You receive 2 sets of 5 emoji cards, each card depicting a different emoji.  The cards are of playing card size and are beautifully printed.  An important fact about these cards is that they are subtly marked on their backs so that you can identify each emojin printed on their fronts.  For people not in the know, it is not apparent that their backs are marked.  You also receive a well-made and cute looking emoji stick to be used in paddle tricks.

You are given a video link to Jeremy Pei’s Personal Magic Coach website where he teaches 3 effects using the emoji stick and cards.

  1. Emoji Rod – 5 different emoji cards are shown and then turned face downwards and mixed. In a fair process of elimination carried out by both the spectator and the performer, one emoji card is left behind as the chosen emoji.  A yellow paddle is shown to be blank on both sides.  After touching it on the face of the chosen card, an identical emoji appears on the paddle.  The same emoji then appears on both sides of the paddle. 

The next 2 effects do not use the emoji paddle but involve use of both sets of the 5 emoji cards.

  1. Emoji Prediction – the spetator and the performer each has a set of 5 emoji cards. The spectator places any emoji card face downwards on the table.  The performer follows by taking one emoji card from his own set and places it face downwards on top of the spectator’s card.  The spectator continues by placing another emoji card face downwards on top of the packet.  The performer follows with another of his emoji cards.  This process continues.  Despite the fact that the spectator always places her card first face downwards, the performer was able to match every one of spectator’s cards with his own set of emoji cards.
  1. Emoji Match – performer uses both sets of the 5 emoji cards. He shows a different card with the phrase “Mind can be controlled”.  The 2 packets of cards are used to spell to each letter of the entire phrase – a spectator decides which letter to be spelt from which packet of cards.  After spelling to the end of each word, the top card from each of the 2 packets are turned over and found to be a match.  The 5 pairs of cards matched exactly after spelling to the entire phrase, proving that the mind can indeed be controlled. 

As mentioned, the emoji stick and cards is really a resource for your magic with emojis.  The 3 effects provided by Jeremy are merely 3 different examples of how you can use the emoji paddle as well as the marked cards.  This should set your mind thinking so that you can come out with other effects of your own using the emoji paddle and cards.  The 2 sets of nicely printed emoji marked cards is truly an asset to add to your arsenal of close-up magic.

Incidentally, the different magical principles used by Jeremy in each of his 3 effects provide further resources for you to apply to create your own effects.  On the whole, the Emoji Stick & Cards is a worth-while investment that can provide you with many-fold returns for your magic.