Written by John Teo

If you love card magic with a novel twist, you will like “The Timeless Project”.  It is based on a beautifully designed deck of cards produced by RSVP Magic called Timeless.  In this deck, all the 12 court cards contain a drawing of the face of a clock.  Since there are 12 cards, each court card features a different hour on its clock face.  The back design depicts the mechanical clockwork used in operating the clocks.  Included in this deck are several specially printed cards that can be used for magic.   

“The Timeless Project” gives you 5 different effects you can do utilising the Timeless deck.  What you receive is not one, but 2 Timeless deck.  The first deck is the regular Timeless deck as mentioned, while the other Timeless deck has the entire deck specially gaffed.  A well-produced DVD that contains all the instructions comes together in the package.

The DVD features Gary Jones performing and then explaining each of the 5 effects.  Gary is an entertaining performer and he also does an excellent job in the explanation.  The 5 effects taught are:

TIMELESS CLOCK – this is the classic “clock” effect given the Timeless treatment.  A spectator thinks of her favourite time and secretly takes that number of cards from the deck.  With the remainder of the deck, the performer takes 12 cards and arranges them in the form of a clock face.  He proceeds to divine the favourite time thought of by the spectator.  The card at the selected time happens to be the only card that contains a written message to refer to the Timeless deck.  The performer takes out the Timeless deck and one card is found to face the other way.  This card is the court card that depicts the chosen time of the spectator.

TIME WARP – using the Timeless deck, a spectator selects, say, the Jack of Spades, which features a clock at 3 o’clock.  This card is placed face downwards on the palm of her hand.  Her other hand is brought quickly down onto this hand, trapping the card inbetween.  Unfortunately the force of this movement breaks the clock.  When the card is turned over, the clock on the Jack of Spades is now shown shattered!  She is told to move back in time and reverse her action.  She raises her other hand and the clock on this card is now found to be completely restored back to the original 3 o’clock.  The spectator chooses another card – this turns out to be another court card, say, the King of Hearts which features a clock at 10 o’clock.  This card is turned face downwards, and is caused to travel ahead in time.  When it is next turned face upwards, instead of 10 o’clock, the clock now shows 3 o’clock, a perfect match to the original time chosen in the first card.

JUST A SECOND – a card is chosen from the Timeless deck.  It shows the King of Hearts which features a clock at 10 o’clock.  It is placed face downwards to one side.  The winder of a wrist watch is pulled out and rotated to show that it moves the hour hand of the watch.  The watch is turned face downwards and a spectator rotates the winder freely and stops at any point she wishes.  She then pushes in the winder to lock the time.  The performer says he has influenced her to stop at the same time, 10 o’clock, as that shown in her chosen card.  When the watch is then turned around, it does not show 10 o’clocl, but a different time: 3 o’clock.  Her chosen card is turned around.  The same King of Hearts now features a clock set at 3 o’clock instead of 10 o’clock!

DUEL TIME – 2 decks of cards are displayed: a common deck of cards and a Timeless deck of cards.  A spectator states her favourite hour.  One card is found to be facing the other way in the common deck.  It is a court card, say, Queen of Diamonds.  From the Timeless deck, the Queen of Diamonds is taken out and shown to have a clock face depicting exactly 5 o’clock.

SECOND HAND – a spectator thinks of her favourite hour.  While the performer turns his head away, the spectator looks at the seconds hand on her own watch.  When this hand ticks past her selected hour, she calls out “stop!”  The performer turns around, takes out the Timeless deck and shows that there is one card that is facing the other way.  It is, say, the Jack of Clubs, and this card has a clock that depicts 1 o’clock, the selected time of the spectator!  This effect makes use of a brilliant time force that is sure-fire and impromptu.  This force is worth the investment of this product.

“Time” is an important part of our lives.  Performing magic concerning time will attract a lot of attention from the audience.  Performing it using a specially designed deck with the time/clock theme adds novelty to your performances and makes them memorable.  You cannot go wrong with “The Timeless Project”, you get the special decks of cards as well as 5 different effects to add to your repertoire.  (9/10 star rating)