Written by John Teo

Manufactured by:  Duo Magic (South Korea)


This is a card trick with a difference – a huge difference!  “The Present” is a novelty card trick that is sure to bring bewilderment as well as a smile from the spectators.  Here is the effect:

The performer displays a deck of Bicycle cards.  He explains why they are called that because the backs of the cards have the drawing of an angel riding on a bicycle, and the Joker itself has the Joker riding on a bicycle.

The Joker is placed to one side on the table.  A card is chosen and signed by a spectator.  This ensures the performer cannot get a duplicate card and claim it as the chosen card.  It is then lost in the deck.

The Joker card is inserted perpendicular into the deck.

The deck is ribbon-spread face-downwards on the table.  It is seen that the Joker on his bicycle magically leaves the card and leaving it blank.  He travels along the spread and stops on one card. 

As the performer clears away the rest of the cards, the spectators can see that the card stopped at with the Joker and his bicycle on it are part of the same card.  When this card is turned over, it is the spectator’s sign selection!

There is a sense of bewilderment to see the printed Joker on his bicycle leaves the card and travels along the spread to attach itself to one card, the signed selection.  The audience was certain that the chosen card was previously a single card without any attachment. 

The signed card with the Joker attached to it can be given to the spectator as a souvenir and as a reminder of having experienced a wonderful piece of magic!

You receive an instructional DVD taught by Zeki (Yoo Hyun Min) in the Korean language, but there are English subtitles.  You will have no problems at all following the instructions.  What is interesting about the DVD is how Zeki came out with “The Present” after he learnt about a card control called the “Tamariz Perpendicular Control”.  This shows the creative mind of Zeki.

You also receive the necessary gaff cards, including 3 duplicates to be signed and given away.  Refills are available separately from Redefine Magic Outlet.  Instead of signing the card, you get the spectator to sign a sticker or label, and then stick this onto the chosen card.  After each performance, you can carefully peel off the sticker and you can use the gaff card again.  In this case, you do not give the gaff card away as a souvenir.

The effect is simple to do, but you must get used to the handling.

Zeki gives another presentation where you do not have to spread the cards.  Therefore you do not require a table.  When the Joker card is inserted perpendicular into the deck, the Joker and his bicycle magically jumps out of the card and attaches itself onto a card.  The cards are then spread from hand to hand to reveal the chosen card with the Joker on it.

“The Present” is easy to perform, mytifies the spectators, and brings a smile to everyone!


Highly recommended!