Mind Math

Written by John Teo

As indicated in the title of the effect itself, this is a mental mathematics trick.

4 small rectangular sticks are displayed.  Each stick has 4 faces and there are 4 different numbers on each face.  Therefore, there are a total of 16 different sets of numbers on the 4 sticks.

The 4 sticks can be arranged together in many ways.  If you put 4 of them side by side, you get an array of 4 rows of 4 different numbers.  For example, if the 4 sticks were to be placed together side by side as depicted in this picture, you will get these 4 numbers reading from the top downwards: 7943, 8357, 6739 and 3698.  How long would it take for someone to add up these numbers?  A spectator takes out her smart phone and turns on the calculator function of the phone.  Before she could even complete punching out the first number 7,943, you write something on a piece of paper and fold it up.  It will take awhile for the spectator to reach the total of 26,737.  She opens up your folded paper, it contains the exact total of 26,737!  You have just demonstrated lightning calculation.

The 4 sticks can be arranged in different locations relative to one another.  Each stick can also display one of its 4 sides.  Mathematically, you get a total of 6,144 different arrangements of 4 rows of 4 numbers.  You can mention this in your patter to show the audience the complexity of the effect.

The method is extrememly simple.  The secret is actually hidden in plain sight on the sticks.  Although it is a mathematicl effect, there is nothing for you to momrise or mentally calculate.  You can also tell the total of 4, 3 or 2 sticks placed together.  This will give you different phases to the routine.

There is one more interesting fact.  Any stick can be turned upside down.  When you read the top row of numbers, it will include the bottom number of this stick instead of the top number.  This will change the number on each of the 4 rows.  Yet, you will still be able to divine the total.

This effect provides much interactions with your audience.  Redifine Magic Outlet has a stage version.  Each “stick” or block is 8.25 inches high and 2.45 inches wide.  The props are visible even in a large stage.

The props are nicely printed on cardboard, with white bold numbers against a blue background.  You are also supplied with a special tray for the blocks to stand on.  Magnets are provided to hold the blocks firmly onto the tray so that the 4 blocks can be displayed confidently without the possibility of any of them toppling over.

There is an advantage of using cardboard to construct the blocks.  The props are light, and it makes for easier transportation.  Each block can be folded flat so that they occupy minimal space in storage.  You are provided with a nice carrier to carry the props.  This stage version is the cheapest in the market.  The other dealers are selling a stage version for more than US$100. 

As mentioned earlier, MIND MATH is a demonstration of lightning calculation rather than a magic effect.  In this stage/jumbo version, you can also show that you are a magician by predicting the total of the 4 rows of numbers hidden on the backs of the 4 blocks!

For either version, you get to learn the effects through Jeremy Pei’s Personal Magic Coach tutorials.

If you are deciding which version to purchase, you should invest in both of them.  You will not regret your choice!

Very highly recommended!