FORCE OF WILL by Dave Hooper

Written by John Teo

The classic force is supposed to be the most natural force of a playing card.  Yet, many people do not know how to do it well.  This is because it requires timing, and spectator management.  It is also a technique that you cannot practice alone – it requires a live spectator to pick a card for you.

Dave Hooper has a very deceptive classic force.  He calls this the “Force Of Will”.  He has been doing this for over 35 years.  In his hands, the classic force looks very fair and casual.  The spectator really feels she has a random choice. 

His classic force has got high praises from card and magic greats such as Doc Eason, Harry Robson, Kieron Lefever and Chris Ramsay.

So what makes Dave’s classic force so special?  This is all revealed in the 12 minutes DVD that you receive.

Dave shows you how to get ready for the force, the timing, and the required follow-up actions after the force.

He also discusses:

  • Some outs in case the spectator misses.
  • What to do when the spectator wants to shuffle the deck.
  • The use of the force on magicians and on non-magicians.
  • The use of the force on men and on ladies.

This DVD will inspire you to practise and learn the classic force.  His advice and little touches will help you make your classic force more effective.  (8/10 star rating)