DECEIVE by SansMinds Creative Lab

Written by John Teo

The people at SansMinds Creative Lab are renowed at coming up with very visual effects.  This one is no exception.

A spectator chooses and signs a card.  It is then lost back in the deck.  The performer professes to cause the selected card to rise to the top of the deck.  He turns over the top card.  It is not the chosen card – it is, say, the King of Clubs.  The performer now blows on the card, and claims that it will change to the selected card.  Nothing happens.  He places the King of Clubs face up on top of the deck with one end protruding out of the deck.  He asks the spectator to hold onto the protruding end of the King of Clubs.  Now, when he blows on the card, it visibly changes into the spectator’s signed card.  This happens in the spectator’s hand!  And the spectator can keep this card as a souvenir.

The change of the “wrong” card into the spectator’s signed card happens instantaneously, and is highly visual.  The spectator has no clue what has happened to the King of Clubs.  The top of the deck looks normal.

You receive the well-produced studio-quality DVD and the necessary materials for you to construct your own gimmick. 

Many people will be put off by the DIY part of the product.  It also requires you to be able to split a playing card.  However, Herman in the DVD does an excellent job in showing you step-by-step how to do that and how to construct the gimmick.  Most of SansMinds’ products require you to construct your own gimmicks.  This is understandable if you have to customise the gimmick, such as using your own country’s currency bills.  In this case, the gimmick is quite generic and could be supplied ready with the product.  Even though the price is raised a little for the ready-made gimmick, it will attract more buyers.

Some basic card handlings are required.  These are taught well in the Pre-requisits Section of the DVD.  Here, Herman teaches you the swing-cut, pinky break, double undercut and the double lift.

There are some performing angles to watch out for when doing the effect.  You also have to be careful about bright lightings as it may draw suspicion to the gimmick.  You may need to manage the audience somewhat when getting the gimmick ready on the deck.  Herman discusses all these and provides good solutions for them.

Deceive is an original concept.  Herman also teaches another application of the Deceive gimmick.  A card changes visibly into a folded currency bill at the spectator’s hand.  (7/10 star rating)