Written by John Teo

Manufactured by:  Refine Magic Outlet (Singapore)

Like the “ship in a bottle”, the “Rubik’s cube in a glass jar” is an interesting keepsake item because it is inconceivable how a solid Rubik’s cube can be inserted through the narrow neck into the body of the jar.  This was the inspiration for Jeremy Pei’s “Mystery Jar” effect.

This is how it looks:

Four small cards are displayed: one has a picture of an empty glass jar, another a picture of a Rubik’s cube, another a deck of playing cards and the last card shows an 8 ball.

The card with the empty glass jar is inserted on one side of a small black wallet.  The Rubik’s cube card is chosen.  It is placed on top of the empty glass jar card.  The wallet is closed.  A magical gesture is made.  When the wallet is opened, the card with the Rubik’s cube becomes blank and the card with the empty glass jar is now a picture of the Rubik’s cube inside the glass jar.  This card is taken out of the wallet and given a shake.  The picture on the card transforms into a picture of a solved Rubik’s cube inside the glass jar!

This is Jeremy Pei’s commerical routine of a novelty packet trick performed with a small card wallet.  You receive all the necessary cards plus the special card wallet.  This wallet is a clever utility device that can transpose the cards placed inside it, and eliminates sleight-of-hand with the cards.  The cards are nicely printed on good quality card stock.

You are provided with a link to a 9 minute video tutorial by Jeremy Pei.  He teaches various versions of the effect with the cards, some needing standard card moves while others do not require any sleight-of-hand at all.  You can also cause the 8 ball or the deck of cards to appear inside the glass jar.  There is a version that does not use the wallet at all.

In addition, there is also a second 12 minute video that teaches you how to put an actual Rubik’s cube inside a glass jar.  If DIY is not your cup of tea, Redefine Magic Outlet also supplies a ready made-up “Rubik’s cube in a glass jar” for $20, with special discount available when purchased during our meeting.

The Mystery Jar is a commercial effect ideal for walk-around or close-up performances.