JENZO by Simon Craze

Written by John Teo

What is Jenzo?  This name does not sound like anything we know.

Jenzo is a 4-piece tile that has mysterious scribbles etched onto it.

Each piece is a small thin square tile, measuring 4 X 4 cm.  They can be placed together to form a larger square with strange designs on it. 

The tiles are available in black colour with white scribbles (like in the picture here) or in white colour with black scribbles.  Each of the 4 tiles has scribbles etched on both sides. 

There are therefore myriad ways of forming a large square with the 4 tiles.  Since each small tile is a square and has 4 equal length sides, there are 4 X 4 X 4 X4 or 256 ways to form a larger square.  But each tile has its back side that can also be used.  Therefore the total number of ways of forming the larger square is 4,096.  Out of these designs, there are only 11 designs that make sense.  The 11 designs are a heart, a diamond, a spade, a club, a Queen, a Jack, a King, three of diamonds, ten of hearts, three and a half, and 1998.

With these properties of the Jenzo tiles, here is how Jenzo is used in an actual routine.

The performer displays the 4 mysterious looking tiles as some ancient divination tool.  He forms them into a larger tile showing a heart design.  This is quickly rearranged to form a diamond design, then a spade, a club, a Queen, a Jack and a King design.  The performer claims these tiles can predict any selected playing card.  As an example, he re-arranges the 4 tiles to show a three of diamonds.

2 playing cards are selected.  The performer arranges the 4 tiles to reveal the ten of hearts, the identity of the first card.  Since the second card is also a number card, the performer asks for its value to be halfed.  The tiles then revealed correctly the result. 

Finally, the performer has the spectator key in several random numbers to be multiplied by themselves using the calculator function of his mobile phone,.  The total is a massive number.  The performer has the spectator note the first 4 digits of this number.  Jenzo predicts correctly these 4 digits.   

You receive the 4 nice looking tiles and a small leather pouch to carry them in.  they come in a nice drawer box.  You are also given a link to an online instructional video that is almost half an hour long. 

In the video, you are taught how to form each one of the various revelations.  This opens up many uses of the Jenzo tiles.  The routine taught in the video contains several phases and involves the use of a deck of cards and the calculator on the mobile phone.  You can also reveal each of the 12 court cards.

In the video, you are also taught a simple and interesting card force by Paul Harris.  You are also shown how to force a total using the calculator of your mobile phone.

You need to know the various ways of arranging the tiles to get the revelations you want.  If you are familiar with this, Jenzo becomes an almost self-working trick.

If you like to inject novelty and mystery into your close-up or card magic, Jenzo is highly recommended.  (8/10 star rating)