Written by John Teo

Piggy Monte is a monte-type effect using 3 little piggy toys, as depicted in the photograph here.

In effect, 3 cute little piggy toys are intoduced: only one of them is shown to squeak when it is  squeezed with the fingers, the other two do not.

The performer tells the audience that since all the pigs look alike, it is not easy to identify the only one pig that squeaks. 

He proceeds to play a guessing game with them.  He places the 3 pigs in a row and shows that the middle one squeaks.  He switches the positions of the 2 extreme end pigs, and challenges the audience to guess which pig squeeks.  It is of course no problem at all for anyone to point to the middle pig as the one that squeaks.  This person’s choice is proved to be correct.

The performer now switches the positions of 2 random pigs around, not once, but several times.  It is not easy for any one to follow the movements of the pig that squeaks.  However, to an astute person, it is still possible to trace to the correct pig.  The spectator is asked to point to the pig that squeaks, and it is shown that she is correct. 

Once again, the guessing game continues.  The performer switches the positions of 2 random pigs around several times.  Once again, the spectator identifies the correct pig, but this time, the performer shows that it does not squeak.  Another pig is picked up and shown to have the squeaking sound!  Was the spectator wrong in choice?

The guessing game is played one more time.  The audience is now more determined to watch the switching closely.  Again, the apparently correct pig does not squeak, but another one does!  The audience is mystified.

At this stage, the performer concedes that he can magically tranfer the sound from one pig to another.  He demonstrates this by transferring the sound from the pig that squeaks to another one that does not.

The performer says that it is two times easier to pick a pig that does not squeak.  Once again, the three pigs are moved around and a spectator is invited to pick the non squeaking pig.  Her first choice proves to be wrong.  Her second choice was also shown to be incorrect.  The performer shows that now all three pigs can squeak!

You receive 3 cute piggy toys and a nice velvet draw-string carrying pouch.  Video instructions are available from Jeremy’s personal magic coach web site.

In the video, Jeremy provides a bonus effect using one of the pigs.  A card is selected and shuffled back into the deck.  The deck is spread face upwards on the table, and the pig is moved along the spread.  At some location, the pig squeaks.  A bunch of 6 to 8 cards at that area is picked up.  The rest of the cards are put aside.  This packet is now spread more widely.  The pig is moved along this spread and squeaks at the region of 3 cards.  These 3 cards are now isolated and placed in a row on the table.  The pig is moved across each of these 3 cards – it squeaks at a particular card – this proves to be the chosen card.

The secret is actually hidden in plain sight with each of the 3 piggy toys.  In this case, the effect is almost self-working.  You do not have to fumble around to depress some hidden device worn in your body in order to create the sound, as with most audio monte tricks.

In Asia, this year is the year of the Pig, according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar.  Therefore, the Piggy Monte is a good thematic effect to perform in 2019.

The monte effect has several phases, so it is more than just a quick trick.  Even in the bonus effect, the pig is able to short-list the deck of cards down in stages to eventually locate the single selected card.


Highly Recommended!