Written by John Teo

As the name of this effect implies, this trick has something to do with the word LOVE.

In effect, 4 cards are selected.  The 4 cards happen to be the 7 of hearts, the Queen of clubs, the Ace of diamonds and the 3 of spades.

The performer spreads the 4 cards so that their indices only show.  When arranged properly, as shown in the picture below, the index of the 7 looks like a “L” when viewed upside-down, the Queen looks like an “O”, the Ace looks like a “V”, and the 3 like an “E”.  The 4 cards actually spell LOVE!  What a coincidence! 

This allows the performer to elaborate further on “love”, and to relate this to the occasion on hand, such as Valentine Day or performing at a wedding, wedding anniversary, or an engagement celebration.  Or simply for a couple in love.

Just as the audience begins to appreciate the wonderful coincidence of the selection of these 4 cards, they visually change to 4 cards of the same suit: hearts.  They now become the 7, Queen, Ace and the 3 of hearts.  Their indices have also changed: the Q lost the tongue to become the letter “O”, the Ace lost its horizontal line to become a “V”, and the 3 rearranged to look like  an “E”.  These specially printed cards can be immediately handed out for examination.

You receive 3 specially printed cards in red Bicycle backs.  You need to supply your deck of red back Bicycle playing cards which will include the 7 of hearts.  The package also comes with a well produced DVD with Chris performing and explaining the effect.

This is a quick trick with 4 cards of mixed suits transforming into one hearts suit, and with their indices specially transformed to truly spell the word LOVE!

This is not a self-working trick.  You need to be able to do some basic card handling moves such as a force, making and holding breaks, and the Ed Marlo’s KM move. 

In the DVD, Chris also teaches an alternate handling where the change of the 4 cards happens in the spectator’s hand.  However, this is not as effective as the original handling where the change is more visual.

If you like thematic and visual effect, and can handle some basic card moves, L.O.V.E. comes highly recommended.


Highly Recommended!