CARD CLONE by Big Blind Media

Written by John Teo

The 3-card trick called “Colour Monte”, or sometimes known as “The $14 Trick”, has become a classic packet trick.

The reason for this is because it is fast-paced, the story-line involves betting with money, and has a unexpected finish. It gets a great reaction from the audience and many performers have included this trick in their performing repertoire.

“Card Clone” is an updated version of “Colour Monte” with a modern theme.

If you do not know the effect, here it is.

The performer talks about credit card scammers and the danger of your credit cards being cloned.

He shows 3 samples of a credit card. 2 of them are original ones while the third one is cloned. The cloning is so well done that people cannot diferentiate it from the real one between it looks, feels and works like the original card. To show you which card is the cloned one. the performer has deliberately printed the word “CLONED” across this false card.

The cloned card is placed at the bottom of the packet of the 3 cards. Suddently, it vanishes and all 3 cards look exactly the same as the original one. Nobody can tell which card(s) is(are) cloned.

The performer now magically brings back the “CLONED” card. Even that can be cloned and suddenly, all 3 cards become the “CLONED” cards.

Finally, he shows one card to be the original credit card, and another card to be the “CLONED” credit card. He makes one final warning to the audience: they should to be vigilant and guard against card scammers. Otherwise, when they lest expect it, they may lose their keys, mobile phones, watches, wallets, ear phones and cash! He turns over the third card to show that it conatins a picture of each of the 6 items being mentioned!

You receive the 3 specially printed cards and a link to a downloadable video instructions by Liam Montier.

Whilst not completely self-working, the trick is fairly easy to do. There are no performing angles to worry about, and the effect resets by itself. It is suitable for walk-about performance.

If you like “Colour Monte”, you will love “Card Clone” as it provides an interesting version with an updated theme. (8/10 star rating)