Written by John Teo

This trick is an outgrowth of a much earlier effect conceived by Jeremy Pei and distributed by Murphy’s Magic called “Ultimate Backflip”.

In this effect, 4 cards are shown to have red bicycle backs. One of the cards is turned over face upwards – it is seen to be a blank card. Magically, all the other 3 cards turn over themselves to reveal that they are also blank cards.

One of these blank cards is turned over face downwards. Immediately, all the other blank cards turn over – the performer shows that there are now 4 face down cards.

The 4 cards are flipped over. Instead of blank faces, they now become the 4 tens: a ten of spades, ten of hearts, ten of clubs and ten of diamonds!

This is a small packet card trick that is packed with a lot of fast-moving magic.

You are supplied with all the necessary cards, ready for performance. Your set may differ in the 4-of-a-kind revelation at the end. Instead of the 4 tens, you may receive the 4 fives or 4 Jacks, or other value. You are also given a link to Jeremy Pei’s personal magic coach video tutorial.

You need to be able to do 2 card sleights – niz. the Elmsley Count and the Ascanio Spread. Both of these card moves are taught by Jeremy Pei in the video.

In the bonus part of the video, Jeremy teaches an interesting customised application of this effect for special occasions such as corporate functions and events. In this effect, the blank cards are replaced by cards bearing the company’s logo, design or message, and performed to an appropriate patter.

4 cards are displayed with red bicycle backs. One card is turned over to display a playing card, say, ten of spades. Magically, all the other 3 cards get flipped over to display the ten of spades. One ten of spades is flipped face downwards, immediately, all the other 3 cards turned over themselves to show their backs. When the packet is flipped over face upwards, all the cards now show the company’s logo or message.

The trick can reset itself instantly and is suitable for walk-around performance.

If you are looking for a packet card trick that is fast-paced and has a lot of magical happenings, “Blank Backflip Reverse” is for you!