SURVIVAL KIT by SansMinds Creative Lab

Written by John Teo

Survival Kit refers to the situation where you are caught without your magic props and are asked to perform magic and there are no magic shops available to you.  This does not refer to impromptu magic where no props are used.  This refers to magic that uses prepared props where you can prepare them at a moments’ notice and within a very short time using ordinary objects and items from the local dollar stores. 

You receive a well produced DVD that teaches you how to contruct and perform 5 effects.  They are:

  1. Vanishing Bottle – a bottle is placed inside an empty paper bag. Performer turns the paper bag upside down and claims that the bottle has vanished since nothing comes out of the overturned bag.  Just when the audience begins to smile, the performer crumples the paper bag into a small ball and tosses it away!  You are taught how to contruct the vanishing bottle.
  2. Morphing Fork – 2 forks are shown. One is given to a spectator.  With the other fork, the performer twists and forms it into a mangled metal art piece with his bare hands.  It is then given to the spectator as a souvenir. 
  3. Glass Bottle Into iPad – a glass bottle is wrapped with a newspaper – the top part of the bottle is still visible. The performer pushes the wrapped bottle into his ipad.  The crumpled up newspaper is thrown away and an image of the bottle is seen in the ipad.  You are taught how to make the gimmick for the vanishing glass bottle.
  4. Liquid Vanish – you are taught how to gimmick a styrofoam cup so that when water is poured into the cup and it is turned upside down, no water comes out of it. This is the alternative to using the popular powder that is available at a magic shop.  An entertaining comical routine involving a spectator is discussed in the DVD.
  5. Production Out Of Empty Paper Bag – a paper bag can be shown to be empty on the inside, yet it will pour out a good quantity of sweets. It is shown to be empty inside again and more sweets are poured out of the bag.  A deck of cards can also be produced from the empty bag.  You are taught how to make this production paper bag.

As usual, Herman from SansMinds does an excellent job in explaining how to contruct the props and how to perform each of the 5 effects.  All of the props can be constructed within 10 minutes – and maximum at 20 minutes if you are considered to have 2 left thumbs.

The effects are practical and easy to do.  It pays to learn them well, for it is not unlikely that you will be caught in a situation where you need to survive without your magic props at hand.  (8/10 star rating)