THE LUCKY COIN by Luca Volpe & Paul McCaig

Written by John Teo

“The Lucky Coin” is based on a classic trick/gag about locating the chosen card with a coin.  Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig have improved upon it in the following ways:

  • The coin used is not an ordinary coin, but a specially minted “lucky” coin with a celtic design, so that it creates a mystery to the audience the moment the coin is introduced;
  • The image of the chosen card is embossed on the coin, instead of the old method of sticking a picture of a miniature card underneath the coin. Moreover, the embossed image is that of a full card, not merely the abbreviation of “three of heart” comprising a 3 and the symbol of the heart.  This somehow makes the revelation on the coin more powerful;
  • Another coin is included with the word “BELIEVE” embossed on the back of it, to be used in another effect.
  • A third coin is also provided. This one has nothing inscribed underneath it.  This can be used to switch for either the card or the word coin so that the revelation will seem even more magical.

A full routine looks like this.  A specially minted coin is introduced to a spectator as a “lucky” coin.  It has a special celtic design on one side and nothing on the other.  It is fully examined by a spectator. 

A card is selected by a spectator and shuffled back into the deck.  The deck is spread face downwards on the table and the spectator places the “lucky” coin anywhere on the spread.  The 3 or 4 cards covered by the coin are isolated from the spread.  The spectator further decides which of these cards to rest the coin on.  The performer says that underneath the coin will be the spectator’s selected card.  The other cards are turned over to show that none of them is the selected card.  But when the card underneath the coin is turned over, it too, is not the chosen card.  The performer turns over the coin to show that, what he meant was, the identity of the card is now found inscribed on the coin!  The spectator had examined it previously and there was nothing engraved underneath the coin.

The coin is then placed onto a spectator’s palm, and she closes her fingers over it, hiding the coin inside her fist.  She is asked to think about something that she desires to achieve in her lifetime, and to close her eyes.  As she concentrates on the coin held in her closed fist, she can feel that the coin is becoming warmer.  When she opens her eyes and takes the coin from her fist, the word “BELIEVE” is now embossed underneath the coin – the original image of her selected card is no longer there.  The coin tells her that her desire can be achieved if she believes!  What a motivational message for her.

You receive the 3 coins that come an antique finish look.  They are specially minted in lead-free pewter.  This means the coins will not tarnish, rust or corrode over time. 

You also receive a small velvet pounch to carry the coin(s) in.  You have to supply your own deck of cards.  You are provided with an online link to a well-produced instructional video.  

In the video, Luca discusses the various possibilities:

  • Perform the full 3-phase routine, or only one or two of the routines for a shorter act;
  • An easier way of using the coin is not to show that the back of the coin is empty and has no impression at the beginning;
  • Using a top change, the card beneath the coin can be magically transformed into the correct chosen card – this gives a double whammy to the card effect.

The coins look professional and mysterious, the effect has comedy as well as an emptional hook (with the revelation of “BELIEVE”), your performance can be made short or longer, and “Lucky Coin” is fairly easy to do.  This product is a good investment.  (9/10 star rating)