Written by John Teo

Jeremy Pei’s “LemonWand” is a small wand with a slice of yellow lemon on one of its tips.

The wand is small, and black with golden tips.  It measures only about 4.5 inches long and 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  The lemon slice on top of one of its tips is about 1.25 inches in diameter and is bright yellow in colour.

So, what can you do with this wand?

You can use it as a magician’s wand to “make” things happen magically, of course.  The wand is small, so it can be kept in your pocket until you wish to bring it.  When it comes out of your pocket, it immediately attracts attention because it is unusual to see a wand with a lemon slice attached to one end of it.

You need to provide a rationale for this strange looking wand.  Here is one example.  “Whenever I need money, I use an aid that every magician possesses – do you know that is that?”  Bring out the wand from your pocket with the non lemon tip showing, as you continue … “Yes! A magic wand, but did I say ‘aid’?  My favourite is lemonade!”  Your audience will smile as they see the LemonWand fully emerges from your pocket.

Here is another example.  “What is the most popular aid that magicians use whenever they want to make something magically happen?”  Most people will know that it is a magic wand – if not, prompt them to come to this answer.  “What people don’t know is that you need to say a magic word when using the magic wand.  Do you know the magic word?”  No matter what answers they give, say that it is “Lemon!  Lemon!”  (Somehow, repeating a word makes it sound more magical!)  Bring out the LemonWand from your pocket.  “My magic wand – specially made so that you won’t forget the magic word!”  From here onwards, whever you use the wand, get the audience to shout the magic words “Lemon!  Lemon!”  You will have a lot of fun with this LemonWand. 

With the LemonWand, show that it is the same on both sides.  Make a magical gesture and say the magic words and a coin appears stuck to one side of the lemon slice.  Pour the coin onto your hand and put the coin into your trouser pocket.  Show the now empty LemonWand and produce another coin.  Again take this coin off the wand and put the coin into your trouser.  Do this many times.  Finally, place your hand into the pocket and take out a $5 or $10 note – you have produced enough coins from the wand to make a total sum of $5 or $10.  As an alternative finish, bring out an actual lemon instead!  “The coins are an illusion – my LemonWand produces a lemon, of course!”

You receive the cute looking LemonWand and a link to a video tutorial where Jeremy Pei himself teaches you the simple move to use with the LemonWand.  Jeremy then gives you his commercial routine that he performs using this LemonWand.

Once you understand the handling for this LemonWand, all sorts of ideas for using this wand will come to you.  You may want to experiment with erasable black marker and use it to draw the digit “8” on one side of the lemon, making it “lemonade”!  Suddenly, the other side also has the 8 on the lemon  Draw one more 8, then both sides have the two 8s.  Erase one 8 away, it returns to both sides.  Finally all four 8s vanish from the lemon.  The four 8s than re-appear on the back of your left palm or on the palm of your right hand.

The LemonWand is a novelty magic wand.  It is suitable not only for close-up, but also for parlour, performances.  It can be used for performing close-up to children. 

The audience will react to it in a positive way when it is first brought out.  You can use the wand each time when you want to “cause” something magical to happen in your performance.  It is invaluable especially to magicians incorporating comedy in their acts.