THE POWER OF LOVE by David Regal

Written by John Teo

As the name suggests, this is an effect that is designed for performing to people twhom you want to show that love triumphs at the end over the problems that we face in life.

It can be performed for a couple in love such as husband and wife, or between a parent and his or her children, or among siblings.

Here is how the effect looks like as performed for a couple in love.

The performer shows a card depicting a picture of a heart. This card symbolises love.

The performer then shows 5 cards that depict the problems we face in life. A card with a picture of a desert indicates loneliness, a card with a huge boulder shows a “road-block” we encounter in our lives, a card with lightning shows a sudden serious occurence that we have to deal with, a card with forest indicates the times when we feel lost, and a card with a drying flower shows the passage of time.

Each of the 2 people is given the 5 problem cards as well as the Love card. Each of them mixes the 5 problem cards face downwards. After mixing, the 5 problem cards are gathered into a stack face downwards. The lady turns over the top card of her stack – interesting remarks can be made regarding the “problem” that is revealed in this card. The gentleman does the same thing – again, interesting remarks can be made regarding his “problem”, be it the same or different from his counterpart’s. The lady then deals the next face down card on top of her first card, covering (overcoming) her “problem”. The gentleman follows suit.

Each of them proceeds to do the same thing with the pair of problem cards. Finally, one problem card is left. This card is dealt face up onto the packet of face-up and face-down cards. Again, remarks can be made regarding this last “problem”. Each of them now takes their Love card and places it on top of packet – love covers this last “problem”.

The packet is cut, and the new top 2 cards are turned over as one unit, so that whatever card that is face up becomes face down and whatever card that is face down becomes face up. This can be done as many times as needed. Obviously each packet is randomly mixed up with face-up and face-down cards.

Each person then deals their packet alternatively into 2 separate piles. One pile is taken up, turned over, and replaced onto the other pile. When spread, one card only is found to be turned the other way, for both the lady and the gentleman. This card is the Love card, and the other 5 cards are the problem cards. This shows that the couple can overcome all problems in their lives when Love exists between them!

This is a lovely ending for the 2 people participating in the performance.

You receive a custom designed deck of cards containing 54 cards (9 sets of 6 cards, each set comprising the 5 problem cards and 1 Love card). You can therefore perform this effect for up to 9 people at any one time. In this case, despite all the mixing of face-up and face-down cards, each of the 9 people will end up with their Love card being faced the other way from their 5 problem cards.

The cards are made of plastic with playing card back design. The backs are textured but their faces are smooth. They look and feel good. The cards will last for a very long time especially when they are handled by the spectator in each performance.

In addition, you are supplied with an extra card box in case the present one wears out. The specially designed picture cards will attract the attention of the audience. The special theme of life and love with the positive ending can be an emotional experience for the spectators participating as well as for the audience. (8/10 star rating)