Written by John Teo

Known variously as “What’s Next?”, “Surprising Spots”, “Domino Card” or “Spot Card”, this effect has become a classic in stage magic.

The performer shows a flat piece of board that is supposed to have 2 sides to magically have 4 sides.

The board resembles a large domino piece. One side shows a one spot, the other shows a four spot, the third side a three spot and the fourth side a six spot. He then “explains” how the trick was being accomplished.

The board does not display the full face of a domino. What appears to be a three spot has only 2 spots. By coverinbg one spot with the fingers, this side can be made to appear as a one spot.

By covering the empty space with the fingers, this same side can be seen to be a three spot.

Similarly with the other side – it has five spots which can be made to appear as four or six spots by covering the appropriate locations with the fingers.

Just when the audience understands what was happening, the performer shows that one side is actually the three spot and the other side is the six spot.

Finally, out of nowhere, an eight spot makes its appearance!

“Spot-Check” is Jeremy Pei’s take on the “What’s Next” card trick. Jeremy refers to the board as a flat dice. One side shows one and the other side shows six. One side shows four and the other side shows three.

This demonstration of the property of dice is an education to the audience. Jeremy then has an audience member come up to teach her how to do the trick. Jeremy gives her a paper board that has the missing spot domino faces.

She follows along with the paper prop in her hands and the audience learns along with her. After she returns to her seat with the prop as a souvenir, Jeremy then uses magic to cause the six and three spots to actually appear, and then an eight spot!

You receive the following items:

 A large gimmkicked Spot Board made of steel measuring 9.50 inches x 6.25 inches.

 2 printed A5 sized paper boards to be given away as souvenirs – they can be photocopied on stiff papers to make more give-away props.  Extra blank paper boards and a sheet of black round stickers to make your own give-away paper boards.

 A link to a video tutorial – Jeremy teaches you step-by-step how he prepares and works his board, and his patter. The video includes a live performance of him performing Spot-Check in a large theatre.

The metal gimmicked Spot Card that you receive is of good quality and will last for many many performances if you take good care of it.

The give-away paper magic board can have your name and contact information printed on it. “Spot-Check” is an entertaining and highly interative stage or parlour effect that is both suitable for adults as well as children.

Highly Recommended!