SPELLENDAR by Phill Smith

Written by John Teo

Phill Smith is credited with coming out with incredibly strong effects yet almost completely self-working.  “Spellendar” is one such trick.

A pocket perpetual calendar contains a different word for each day of the month.  A spectator secretly chooses one of these words from any month.

A deck of cards is shuffled and a second spectator cuts it into 3 piles.  The top card of each pile is taken up and the spectator decides on any one of them.

Another deck of cards, still in its case, has been on the table in view all the time.  The cards are taken out of the case, and dealt by spelling to the suit and value of the chosen card.  The performer continues dealing the cards according to the month and date of the word that the first spectator chose from the calendar.  This process leads to one card.  When this card is turned over, not only is it a duplicate of the chosen card, it also contains a printed word that matches exactly the one chosen from the calendar.  The deck is then shown to contain a different word printed on each card.

There are no variations to dealing to the selected card, as is common in some effects.  The performer also truly does not know which word in the calendar was chosen.  Yet, the effect works everytime with the selected card that contains the selected word.

You are provided with the specially printed perpetual calendar, the customised deck of cards, and a link to a downloadable printed instructions and an instructional video.  You have to supply your own deck of cards for the selection of the playing card.

This effect is suitable for performing to a group of people or one-to-one.  It can be instantly reset for the next performance.

It is like an ACAAN effect with the addition of a selected word.  When you receive the trick, you will appreciate the great effort taken by Phill Smith to put this together.

If you are into mentalism, “Spellendar” will be the effect you will want to add to your repertoire.  (7/10 star rating)