Written by John Teo

“Goshi” is the Japanese word for “rub” or “scrub”.  Here is the effect.

A card, say, the seven of hearts, is selected and lost in the deck.  The performer claims he can find this card because the back of this card will have the finger print of the spectator who selected the card.  True enough, when the deck is spread, a card with a finger print on the back is found in the middle of the deck.  This is surprise No 1.

This card is turned over and it is indeed the chosen card, the seven of hearts – but its face also has the thumb print of the spectator.  This is surprise No 2.

The performer takes this card and rubs its back on the sleeve of his shirt.  The finger print on its back is now gone.  This is surprise No 3.  

The spectator takes this card and similarly rubs its face on the sleeve of his shirt.  When this card is turned over, the thumb print remains on the card but the face of the card is now smudged!  This is final surprise No 4.  

“Goshi-Goshi” is a card revelation with 4 magical moments.  It is also quite hilarious to see a smudged playing card with a thumb print on its face.   

You receive the necessary specially prepared cards, and 2 sheets of printed instructions.  You need to supply your own deck with the same colour and back design (bicycle) as the supplied cards.

This is a novel card revelation.  The appearance of the finger/thumb prints and the smudged card is sure to cause a wide smile from the audience.  (9/10 star rating)