Written by John Teo

The meaning of a side show is that it is a minor show that is part of a larger one.  In a circus or carnival, a side show is also something that usually disracts from a main event.  You are likely to find a contortionist, a fire eater or sword swallower performing in a side show in a carnival.  

“Side Show” by Joshua Jay is an odd packet card trick.  It is a card effect where each card does not have the usual back design or face of a playing card.  This is where it will attract the attention of the spectators.

In effect, the performer shows a small packet of cards.  He claims that a card not only has a face and a back, it also has an inside and an outside.

The first card is shown to have the digit “1” printed on it.  It is turned over to show that its back has the digit “2”.  When the card is turned over one more time, instead of the digit “1”, it now shows the digit “3”.  The card is turned over to show a “4”.  This card has 4 sides!  It is placed to one side of the table.

Similarly, the next card is shown to have “1”, “2” and “3” sides.  The third card has 2 sides, which is normal.  Two cards are left.  The performer places both of them inbetween the two palms of the spectator’s hands.  He takes one card out and show that it has a “1” printed on one side and blank on the other side.  This card has 1 side!  

Everybody is now expecting how the final card, which should be a card with no sides, looks like.  The spectator opens her palms and everybody can see that the last card is a see-through transparent card!

You receive all the necessary cards inside a neat vinyl wallet.  The instructions are in the form of a nicely printed 12-page booklet, complete with 32 hand-drawn diagrams.

The effect is easy to perform, requiring only 2 sleights: the double turnover and the Elmsley Count, both are taught in the booklet.  Several ways to end the effect are also discussed.

This trick has an interesting theme, packs very small (can be placed inside yor shirt pocket), plays big, and the ending will always cause a smile from the audience.

It has been in the performing repertoire of Johsua Jay and is always featured in his lecture.  It will be your favourite effect, too!


Highly Recommended!