Written by John Teo

This is a 3-piece shrinking glove set. It enables you to shrink a glove 2 times.

You receive the 3 gloves in decreasing sizes. They are in bright red colour. The second glove is about 60% of the size of the first glove. The third glove is only about 25% of the size of the first glove. The gloves compared well in the differences in sizes when held next to a large glove.

The instructions are in the form of a nicely printed colour folded piece of paper.

The recommended effect is as follows. The performer, wearing a pair of red gloves, picks up a paper bag and shows that it is empty and has nothing inside it.

A spectator points to one of the 2 gloves on the performer’s hands. This glove is taken out of the performer’s hand, crumpled into a loose ball, and placed inside the
spectator’s 2 hands. She is asked to squeeze the glove in her hands.

The performer takes out the glove from his other hand and waves it over the spectator’s hands. The spectator opens her hands and shows the glove.

When placed side by side to the performer’s glove, it is seen that the spectator’s glove has shrunk considerably. The spectator places her shrunken glove inside the
paper bag. The performer waves his glove over the paper bag. When the spectator’s glove is taken out of the bag, it is seen to have shrunk into a tiny glove!

None of the gloves is gimmicked. The shrinking effect is performed by special handling of the gloves.

This effect can be performed solo by the performer, without the need of involving a member of the audience.

The performer displays the gloves on his 2 hands. He takes one glove off his hand and displays it by nipping one end of the opening of the glove with his lips. This
glove is fully shown hanging downwards from the performer’s lips.

With his free hand, he takes off the glove from his other hand. He crumples and squeezes it between his 2 hands. He opens his hands and compares the glove by
placing it side by side with the glove on his lips. This glove has shrunk! One more time, the performer squeezes this smaller glove between his 2 hands.
When he opens his hands, this glove now becomes a tiny one!

This makes it a very good effect for the opening of a stage show. Everything is self- contained in the smaller glove.

This is the method I use when performing The Shrinking Glove in my stage show. I make the entrance into the stage by wearing a jacket, a black scarf around my neck, and the red gloves on my 2 hands. I carry a colour magic cane.

I transform the colour of my cane into another colour, and change it into silk scarves. I take off the black scarf from around my neck, flick it around and change it into a
multicolour scarf. I show the red gloves on my 2 hands, and then I perform The Shrinking Glove. It is done as a silent act (without pattering) to background music.

Highly Recommended!