Written by John Teo

This is like a torn and restored poster effect, except that the poster has already been neatly cut into several pieces and then it is magically restored.

There are many versions of this trick available. We will describe “The Creation” torn and restored poster.

In effect, the performer displays a stack of papers, each measuring approximately 6 inches X 8 inches.

The first sheet reads “’In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Genesis 1:1” It is a quotation from the bible that tells of the creation of the world. This paper is placed behind the stack, revealing the second sheet which shows a picture of a bright light against a black background. The performer mentions that on the first day, God created light. Similar, the next sheet of paper shows that God created the atmosphere on the second day. The performer continues to show that God created land and plants on the third day, the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day, birds and sea animals on the fifth day, and land animals and Adam and Eve on the sixth day. Each time when the performer mentions what God has created in each of the 6 days, a different sheet of paper depicting the appropriate picture is shown.

The stack of papers is then magically transformed into one large poster showing Adam and Eve with the animals, fishes, birds and plants. The poster measures approximately 16.5 inches X 23.5 inches. It is shown on both sides to have the same picture. The various pieces of paper have vanished: they seemed to be restored into this large poster.

You receive the large colourful poster with the gimmick, and the various sheets of paper. They are constructed from special durable paper. You also receive a link to a video performance and explanation.

Although this effect mentions the bible, the Christian story of the creation of the world is quite well known. However, if you prefer not to be involved in any religion, there are other versions of this trick.

There are posters depicting the Avengers, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Toy Story 4, Frozen, The Lion King, Spider-Man and a “No Smoking Sign”. You should indicate which version you want when you place your order.

In each of these posters, you first show the various cut-up sheets, and then magically restore them into a large poster.

In contrast, each of the various pieces of paper in “The Creation” trick is not part of the cut-up pieces of the poster. Instead, each of them depicts what God has created in each of the six days.

The restoration is visual and the poster is large enough to be shown on stage. Most of the versions can be used for both adult and children performances. A good investment. (Rated 4/5 stars).