Die-Abolical V5

Written by John Teo

“Die-Abolical” is a mentalism effect using 6 colour dice.

In effect, 6 different colour translucent dice are shown. Thay are placed inside an opaque black velvet bag.

A spectator closes the bag and shakes it to mix up the dice inside. She reaches inside the bag, and without looking at the dice, removes any 3. These are then placed away. 3 other dice remain inside the bag.

She removes the last 3 dice from the bag and stacks them up in order. She is asked to note the middle dice. Let us say that the middle dice is a blue dice. The spectator confirms that all the choices she made up to this point are truly random and entirely on her own, and are not influenced by the performer.

The performer draws the audience’s attention to a small black prediction box placed conspicuously on the table at the start of the performance. He opens the lid slightly to take out one dice – it is the blue dice, the same colour as the middle one of 3 dice stacked by the spectator. Knowing that the audience may be suspicious of the presence of other colour dice inside the box, the performer takes the lid completely off the box only to reveal that the rest of the 5 dice inside the box are all of the same colour – blue! The performer states that he knows all along that the middle dice is going to be the blue dice. He turns the box over to show that on the bottom of the box is a picture depicting that the middle dice of 3 dice is blue in colour!

You receive the 6 different colour translucent dice, 6 blue dice, the prediction box, the black velvet bag, and a link to a video tutorial taught by Peter Nardi of Alakazam.

The spectator does have a free choice of dice. The selection procedure is so well structured that it is almost impossible for anyone to backtrack and find out the method.

Peter Nardi himself prefers a more serious reveal rather than the comedy 6 blue dice ending. To this end, he provides a special foam insert for the box so that the box can be shown to contain only one dice instead of all 6 dice.

As noted in the name of the product, this effect has undergone 4 revisions. The first version was used by Wayne Dobson in his TV special. In this latest version, the presentation is so well thought out that the spectator has free choices all the way, and yet the revelation is truly baffling, even for seasoned mentalists.

The props provided (4 blue and 1 red dice and the black bag) can also be used for Max Maven’s popular “Kurotsuke” effect. (Rated 5/5 stars).