Written by John Teo

What is “Jenzo”? You will not find this word in the dictionary or from Google. Is it the name of a person, an object, or ...?

You bring out a small leather pouch. Inside it are 4 small black slabs, with some strange designs etched on both sides of the slabs. What are these?

You have now created sufficient curiosity with everyone not only with the name of Jenzo, but also with the actual props.

  - 16 - You now have a captivated audience ready for you to perform Jenzo.

You explain that these 4 slabs have some strange magical properties.

You arrange all the 4 slabs to form a picture of a “heart” suit. You then rearrange them to form a picture of a “diamond”, then a “spade”, and finally a “club”. You also show that they can be rearranged to form the picture of a “Queen”, a “Jack” and a “King”. You have shown the audience that these tiles can reveal the identities of a playing card. It is now time for you to show how they work.

You have 2 playing cards chosen from a deck of cards. Ask the spectator to disclose her first chosen card – it is the 10 of hearts. The 4 slabs are arranged to form a square and in the middle of the square can be seen the symbols of a “10” and a “heart”. The slabs have correctly revealed the first selected card.

As for the second chosen card, you ask if it is a number or picture card. When you are told that it is a number card, you ask the spectator to make it more difficult for you to find out what it is by asking her to divide this number by 2. You may get some hesitation as the spectator eventually tells that the result is 31⁄2. But the slabs never made a mistake. They come together to form the number “31⁄2”.

You wish to carry out more experiments with these slabs. You now switch on the calculator function in your mobile. You ask the spectator to multiply any 2 digit number by another 2 digit number. Then you get her to multiply again by another 2 digit number and yet another 2 digit number. The total is a random figure of 19,898,991. You ask the audience to concentrate only on the first 4 digits. The 4 slabs are rearranged to form the number “1989”!

You receive the 4 slabs housed inside a nice leather key-chain pouch. This is in turn contained inside a nice presentation box. You are given a link to an almost 30 minutes of video instructions.

Here are 3 reasons for investing in this product:

The name Jenzo and the slabs are not associated with anything that people

know. Therefore, the prop creates a deep sense of mystery. This makes the audience want to see you perform magic with them. If you use Jenzo as part of a routine in your act, you can create your own story about where you obtained these mysterious slabs, and what they actually are, to fit into your theme of your act.

The slabs are well made with the designs etched onto the tiles. The 4 slabs are kept inside a leather pouch. This makes you look professional performing with such nice props.

This is not a one effect trick but a routine. Jenzo reveals each of the 4 card suits, the Queen, King and the Jack, the 10 of hearts, the 3 of diamonds, the number 31⁄2, and the number 1989. The number 1989 can be part of a randomly generated number using a calculator, or the year 1989 randomly chosen by a spectator in which a special event occured. You can create your own routine using Jenzo to reveal your force information in whatever order you like.

Jenzo is easy to perform. To make the performance effective, you must not hesitate when rearanging the 4 slabs to form the different revelations. For this, you need to be familiar with the tiles and know which side and which edge to put together to form each reveal. This takes a little while to practise, but it is nothing difficult because you can use the designs printed on the tiles to aid you.

You get to learn 2 forces. There is an interesting force with a deck of cards to force 2 playing cards which is a creation of Paul Harris. You are also taught the “toxic force” using the calculator functions of your mobile phone to force a certain total. The “toxic force” is becoming a clasic in calculator magic.

Jenzo provides novelty to your magical performance.

Highly Recommended!