LINE-UP by David Garrard

Written by John Teo

David Garrard’s “Line-Up” has a lot of audience’s participation and laughter.

In effect, the performer says that a crime has been committed and the police has a suspect in custody. A member of the audience is asked to help out. She has witnessed the crime and has seen the one who committed it. She will help the police identify the criminal.

The performer brings out a book showing pictures of several past criminals in their record. They are not the ones who committed the crime. In the same book are sketches of 3 different portions of a human face.

The top portions consist of a dozen sketches of a person’s top part of the head which includes the hair and hat or a headgear.

The middle portions contain a dozen sketches of a person’s eyes, nose and mouth.

The bottom portions contain a dozen sketches of a person’s chin and the person’s record or identification number.

The spectator freely chooses a top, middle and bottom sketches. This forms a random sketch of a person’s face, complete with the identification number.

This particular face and the identification number match exactly the picture of the criminal inside a prediction envelope held by the spectator right at the start of the performance. This is truly mystifying to the audience!

You receive the specially printed book with the 3 flip portions of a human face, the prediction and the envelope. You also receive a sheet of printed instructions. The book is a little short of A4 size and is large enough to be used for stage performance.

This is the third version of an earlier effect named “Sketch-O-Magic” also by David Garrard. In the original version, a child forms a random picture of a boy’s face. The second version is called “Critter Knitter” where a child forms a random picture of an animal.

“Line-Up” has an interesting crime theme and is suitable for adult shows. The 2 earlier versions are meant for kids performances.

As mentioned, “Line-Up” has great audience participation and will generate much laughter.


(Rated 5/5 stars)