SIGNING by Way & Himitsu

Written by John Teo

“Signing” is a cute paddle trick.

A small road sign on a pedestal is displayed. The sign shows an arrow pointing upwards. It probably indicates straight road ahead. The sign is shown on both sides.

The performer flicks the sign with his fingers of one hand. Magically, the straight arrow becomes a curved arrow. And the pole on which the road sign is fixed on magically becpmes bent.

The performer removes the pole from the triangular road sign to show that it is indeed bent at the top end.

This is not right. The sign is put back onto the bent pole. With a magical gesture, the pole becomes straight but the sign remains a curved arrow. The sign can be shown to be the same on both sides. This is the correct way of displaying a curved road ahead sign.

You receive 3 pieces of the props: the triangular road sign, the long plastic pole, and the pedestal. You also get a link to a video tutorial.

The road sign and the bent pole work on a couple of clever optical principles. If you can perform the paddle move, you can perform this cute effect that never fails to solicit a smile from the sudience.


(Rated 5/5 stars)