Written by John Teo

Manufactured by: Luis de Matos (Spain)

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“The Mindpod” is a mental effect that involves the popular Apple iPod and digital music.

A spectator is shown 2 sets of poker- sized cards. Each set containes 10 cards. The backs of one set show a black colour iPod and the backs of the other set of cards depict a white colour iPod. The face of each card has a list of the titles of 10 popular songs. Each of the 10 cards in a set contains 10 different songs. The spectator can check that each set of 10 cards contains a total of 100 different song titles. The same 100 song titles are

  - 20 -also found on the faces of the other set of cards, also with each card depicting 10 song titles – however, the distribution of the 100 songs is totally different from that of the other set of cards.

A spectator decides which set of cards she wants. Let us assume she wants the black iPod cards. The performer then takes the set of white iPod cards. Both the spectator and the performer shuffle their packet of cards thoroughly.

The spectator looks through her set of 10 cards and chooses her favourite song from among the 100 song titles. She takes the card from her set that contains the title of her favourite song and places this card face downwards on the table. At no time does she show the faces of any of her cards.

The performer asks the spectator to take his set of 10 cards and find the card that contains the title of her favourite song. The spectator presses on the “play” button of the iPod depicted on this card and mentally (not audibly) sings the tune of her favourite song in her mind. The performer is instantly able to name the title of the spectator’s thought-of song!

The spectator does not say a word to the performer or the audience – she has a free choice of any one of the 100 songs – no cards are being turned face upwards – and there is no memory work involved. It seems there is no way the performer can have the slightest clue what song was being chosen. The method for accomplishing this effect is quite creative, and is totally self-working, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

You receive the 2 sets of 10 cards and an instructional DVD. The cards are nicely printed on thick card stock and will last for a long time if they are carefully handled and properly stored.

In the video, the creator Joaquin Kotkin performs and explains The Mindpod. He gives various ways of performing the effect:

The spectator silently sings her chosen in her head and the performer names the

song title.

Instead of naming the song title, the performer can also sings or hums the

selected tune.

The 2 ear pieces of an iPod can be connected to a clip. The clip can be

connected to the chosen card and the performer can “hear” and then sings the

selected tune.

The performer can get his friend to name or sing the selected song.

A prepared Spotify playlist can be downloaded onto your smart phone and you

can play the thought-of song on your iphone.

The Mindpod plays equally well in close-up or parlour performances. The effect involves iPods and popular music and immediately attracts much attention from the audience.

Highly Recommended!