Written by John Teo

Manufactured by: Magic Makers (USA)

The greatest value cards in a deck of playing cards are the 4 Aces. Magical effects with the 4 Aces become very popular. One of them is called “MacDonald’s Aces”. The name was probably credited to Mac MacDonald, a one-arm magic pitchman who was selling the trick in the 1960s.

In effect, the performer takes out the 4 Aces from a deck of cards and lays them in a row on the table.

3 other cards are taken from the deck and deposited face downwards onto one of the Aces.  This action is repeated 3 more times with the other 3 Aces. This results in 4 piles of cards on the table. Each pile consists of 3 face down cards on top of a face up Ace.

Now the magic begins. One pile of cards is taken up and slowly counted. Magically the Ace vanishes. The cards are shown on both sides and the Ace has turned into another card.

The next pile is taken up. The Ace in that pile visually changes into another card. Now all the 4 cards are shown on both sides – no Ace is being seen.

The Ace in the third pile is turned over face downwards and placed to one side. When it is turned over face up, it magically transformed into another card. All 4 cards are shown on both sides to be devoid of any Ace.

The Aces must go somewhere. The 4 face down cards in the last pile is slowly turned over one card at a time. They are the 3 missing Aces that have now assembled together with the 4th Ace in the last pile!

You receive the 4 specially printed Aces together with a small vinyl carrying case. A 15 minutes DVD is included in the package. In the video Gerry Griffin performs and then teaches you how to accomplish this effect.

The cards supplied are in poker sized, and can be added to any poker sized deck of playing cards.

There are many presentations for the MacDonald’s Aces. Gerry’s presentation is good because each of the 3 Aces vanishes in a slightly different way, providing variety in the performance.

There are a number of sleights with cards involved in this presentation. They are all basic sleights used with playing cards and are taught well by Gerry. You get to learn the Elmsley Count, the split Emsley Count, the Olram Subtlety, the Flushtration Move, the Double Lift and the Glide.

The gimmicked cards supplied help to make the vanish of each Ace and their susequent assembly into one pile very clean and magical.

The MacDonald’s Aces is a classic of magic, and you get to learn how to perform one of the most visual versions of this classic card trick. You also get to learn those basic sleights with cards that are useful to you when performing card tricks.

Highly Recommended!