3 ROPE (JUMBO) CARD TRICK by Shigeo Futagawa

Written by John Teo

This effect first appeared as a packet card trick using 3 pokersized cards.

This version works exactly like the earlier version but uses jumbosized cards.

Each card measures 7 1/4” X 10 1/8” and is large enough for stage performance.

In effect, the performer displays 3 large cards.  Each card has a picture of different parts of ropes on their faces and a nice back design.

The 3 cards are placed side by side to show a picture of 3 ropes of very different lengths: one is a short piece, one a medium length piece, and one a very long piece of rope.

The 3 cards are gathered up and shown faces and backs.  When they are placed side by side, they now show 3 pieces of equal lengths of rope.

Again the performer gathers up the 3 cards, and shows their faces and backs.  When they are placed side by side, the picture that now greets the audience is one of a very long piece of rope.

The performer has transformed 3 different lengths of ropes into 3 ropes of equal lengths, and then fused them to become one very long piece of rope.  Magicians will recognise that this is the popular “Professor’s Nightmare” rope trick done with 3 cards.  This effect is still great when performed with cards instead of with actual pieces of ropes.

You receive the 3 well printed and laminated jumbo-sized cards together with 5 pages of illustrated instructions.  You need to provide your own stand for the 3 cards.

The secret is based on the very cleverly designed cards by Shigeo Futagawa, and well thought-out handling of the cards.  It does not need other items such as magnets or sticky tapes.

You will enjoy performing 3 Rope (Jumbo) Card Trick.  (Rated 4.5/5 stars)