Written by John Teo

“Dream Tunnel” is a paper tube that is used to transform, say, a $2 bill into a $5 bill, and then into a $10 bill.

It works like a double- change change bag except that it is used to transform small flat items twice.

Like the change bag, you can let the spectators see that the interior of the tube is empty each time you make the transformation.

You receive the black colour paper tube measuring some 8.50 inches X 3.75 inches. It is constructed out of stiff paper so that it will last through dozens of performances. It has an arrow printed on both sides. Mikame Craft of Japan is recognised the world over for its excellent workmanship in wooden magical products. This paper tunnel by MIkame Craft is very well made. The instructions come in the form of a printed and illustrated sheet of paper.

Every time you squeeze the tube so that it opens up like a tunnel, a spectator can see through the interior of the tunnel and it appears to be completely empty, even though there are other pieces of paper hidden in secret compartments inside it. This is because of the clever design and construction of the tube.

Just like the change bag, once you understand how it works and what you can do with it, there are myraids of effects you can perform using this utility device. Here are some of them.

  • Magically print a piece of paper into a $5 bill, and then change it into a $10 bill.
  • Print a blank piece of paper into a $5 bill. Put in another piece of blank paper this time it changes into a $10 bill.
  • Change a piece of paper into a yellow silk. Put in the yellow silk and change it into a red silk.
  • Put in a white silk, and cause an outline of the drawing of a superhero to appear on the silk. Put the silk back into the tunnel – this time it emerges with the drawing of the superhero fully coloured.
  • Put in a $2 bill inside the Tunnel and it transforms into ten 20 cents coins.
  • Change a wrong prediction paper in the Tunnel into a correct one.
  • Put in a blank piece of paper into the Tunnel – summon some unseen forces and the correct name of the chosen card is mysteriously printed onto the paper.
  • How about performing “snowstorm in China” using the Dream Tunnel? Put a piece of white paper into the Tunnel. Unfold a Japanese fan and fan at one end of the Tunnel. “Snowstorm” pieces of paper come out of the other end of the Tunnel.
  • If you use 2 Dream Tunnels and secretly switch one for the other during a performance, you can transform a bill 4 times using the “same” tunnel, and be able to show that the tunnel is empty each time before and after the transformation.

It is a useful utility device that is worth your investment.

Highly recommended!