Magic Products Review

Vision Supreme by Pieras Fitikides

Written by Bernard Sim

Description for this effect states “Vision Supreme is a revolutionary idea, based on a new principle, in which the thought of a spectator is found printed on a laminated piece of paper.”

I don’t think this is neither a revolutionary idea nor a new principle. You can replicate the effect using the old NW but the Vision Supreme has the added advantage of having the prediction in an envelope. I don’t think it is fair to say that the prediction is “printed” on a laminated piece of “paper”. Though the lamination will kill spectator’s thoughts of having the prediction written after the spectator reveals the selection but the “paper” doesn’t look like paper at all, especially when something is written on it. The copy I have has very poor lamination. The edges seems to be opening.

To be fair, I don’t think this is poor item. There are many effects that can be used with this item; most of them are strong mental effects too. However, I’d rather use the traditional method as the laminated “paper” may be a giveaway for some spectators who have seen such “paper” on other products.

Overall, I think this is still useable, good to have but not necessary. Rating 3.5/5

Wow 2.0 (Face Down Version and DVD) by Masuda – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim


Wow 2.0 is a very clever gimmick. It looks good and it looks like instant trick photography.

Even the packing for this item is clever. The packaging sleeve that is used for this item is printed on both sides, one side for the face up version and one side for the face down version; thus, this can be used for either versions. You must be wondering why I mentioned this, well; it’s clever that’s why! But that’s not the reason I mentioned it, the real reason is, the DVD that comes with this gimmick includes routines for the face down as well as the face up version.

I’m sure most of the card workers would already own the face up Wow gimmick. With the new face down gimmick, you can perform other routines with it. The demo will show how effective this gimmick can be. The routines taught in the DVD are very effective even though there not many routines in the DVD.

The best routine that I like would be Paul Gertner’s routine. It uses a spectator’s cell phone camera (or any other digital camera) and it will be a souvenir that they will keep not to mention that it is very easy to do too. The colour changing deck using the face down gimmick looks pretty cool too.

The routines shown in the DVD uses the ungimmicked Wow which is not included in this package. Though they are not necessary, it will be good to have as spectators would probably want to touch the Wow gimmick as they have never seen such things before. So, if you’re purchasing this, be sure to pick up the ungimmicked Wow too.

For those who own the previous face up Wow, you can buy the face down Wow 2.0 as the DVD will include instructions for both versions. Recommended. Rating 4/5.

Classic Indian Street Magic (Book and DVD) by Martin Breese – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

You won’t be learning any magic on this DVD but you will see how the Indians performed their magic. They are unique in their own way and it can be a joy to watch these performances.

There are many types of magic and stunts shown here, these are rare footage which you don’t get to see every day. The DVD has no conversation and is accompanied by some Indian music.

Magic includes, torn, burnt and restore string, producing streamers from the mouth (not the paper type), planting a mango seed which grows instantly to a small plant. 3 shell game using the Indian cups and balls’ cup, this is a very nice version; it even ends with the production of many small balls.

With Indian magic, you’d expect to see snake charmers too. One of the stunts in this DVD is “Lifting a stone with eyelid”. This is done by tying the rock wrapped in cloth with a string and then attaching the other end to the eyelids. As the film is in black and white, I am not too sure if the string is being tied to the eyelid, but it looks to me that the end of the string has some sort of attachment and the eyelid is closed tight enough to withstand the weight of the rock. Fire walking is also included here; it even shows a failed attempt by a young doctor.

The picture quality is not fantastic but you will still be able to see what they are doing. As for the booklet, the tricks in the booklet are

Cups and balls

Bamboo sticks

Ring on the stick

Ball in the glass box


Bowl of rice

Coloured sands

Rope trick

Egg bag


Dancing duck

Mango tree

Basket trick.

These tricks were also revealed briefly in the booklet.

I think this DVD may not be for everyone but it sure is an eye opener to see some of the tricks/ stunts done by Indians. This is definitely recommended for the magic historian and all who likes Indian magic. Rating 3.5/5.

Clean Thru - Clear Thru by Lonnie Chevrie and Kozmo Magic – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim


When I first saw the demo and the ad for this effect, I seem to have seen this effect somewhere before. I remembered that Andrew Mayne has a similar effect “Ghost Bills” and “Infusion”. If you are interested in the history of this effect, you can do a search on The Magic café.

Anyway, Lonnie Chevrie has very nice handlings for this effect. Clean Thru is essentially a bill passing thru another bill and Clear Thru is a finger that penetrates a bill and the bill is unharmed. The good thing about these 2 effects is, they can be done impromptu. You may need to do a little preparation prior to performing the Clean Thru but Clear Thru’s preparation can be done on the spot. These are very good impromptu magic which can be done anywhere.

I feel that Lonnie Chevrie’s method/ presentation is better than Andrew Mayne’s. It is not difficult to perform but like all good magic, you will still need to invest some of your time to practice prior to performing it. This is the type of magic that will appeal to all spectators. Definetly suitable for those who like money magic and impromptu magic. Recommended. Rating 4/5.

Cosmo's Card Box – Tricks

Written by Bernard Sim


A utility device that can be used to switch your cards. First think that came to my mind was - why do you need to replace this with a Himber wallet? A valid reason is probably “card box is more common that a Himber wallet”?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. This is a good way to switch out cards though you can’t show the inside of the box before or after the switch. I am not saying it is necessary to show the inside of the box, when the cards are poured out of the box, logic will tell you that the box is empty. However, you will need to have a reason why you want to put the card/s into the box and then take it out later. If you structured your routine well, it will not look suspicious when you switch it. There are some routines in the manuscript which shows you how to fully utilize this box. Some of the routines do look good. Besides the gimmicked box, you will also get a set of gimmicked cards that can be used for routine in the manuscript.

You will need to replace the card box eventually which is very easily accomplished. The manuscript also includes a link to a member’s only website to see online instructions. This is not a bad prop though I wish the price was a bit lower. Rating 3/5.

Dupes by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim


This is not the first time Gary Jones and Chris Congreave come together and produce a DVD. I’ve seen some of their work in the past and I am impressed by the quality of their work. This DVD is filled with quality and easy to do routines, all with the help of duplicates. The routines uses from a few to as many as 51 duplicates. Most of the routines in this DVD are not knuckle busting and some of the routines are almost idiot proof!

I’ll talk about some of the interesting routines in this DVD.

Nearly CAAN is a seemingly ACAAN effect but this one is way easy to do. I feel that this is a very strong routine with added subtleties which strengthen the effect further.

Kick Right Back is a short but strong routine. It is something like a sandwich effect whereby 2 selected cards are lost and then sandwiched between 2 indifferent cards. The routine ends with the cards switching places.

Joker Surprise is essentially a routine whereby the spectator manages to pick 1 card out of a pack of 51 jokers. Gary Jones and Chris Congreave each have different presentation for this routine. This is a fun and easy routine to do.

Pocket Aces is a 4 ace production, lost and then found in the spectator’s pocket. This routine requires the ability to p*** a card. It is rather strong and Gary Jones has a nice way of p****** the cards.

This DVD is packed with good card magic; it is a must for card lovers. Highly recommended. Rating 4/5.

PS. I predict that there will be an increase in the sales of 1 way decks (or maybe 2 way decks).