Magic Products Review

Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis & Big Blind Media

Written by Bernard Sim


The ad truly described this effect as it is. . I have always like coin/ ring to impossible places; this is a piece that falls into this category. Most people would love to see magic done with money and this is one of the tricks than can be done in any currency. You will need to construct the gimmick yourself which is easily done. The effect is not too difficult to perform too. All you need is to know basic sleights such as “shuttle pass” and “finger p****”.

I did not read the description of the effects on the cover of the DVD and I was pleasantly surprised that there are plenty of other effects included. Some are card effects taken from his earlier DVD, some are effects using bills and one of the extra is a pencil thru bill effect. This looks like an effect called “Just Passin' Thru Trick by Russ Niedzwiecki” which was very popular a few years back. The difference between Francis’ and Niedzwiecki’s is that the pencil in Cameran Francis’ version is ungimmicked and can be done impromptu.

I feel that a magician should have at least one money effect in his close-up repertoire. This is one good money effect that you can always use. The gimmick can be kept inside your wallet as it doesn’t really take up space. This is easy to perform and it is a strong effect. Recommended. Rating 4/5.

Firebird by Edo – Trick

Written by Bernard Sim


If you have seen the demo for this item, you’d probably have an idea what you can use it for. This is not an effect entirely by itself; it’s a utility device which can enhance routines.

What you get is a device that is small enough to be palmed. The packaging that comes with it includes the charger unit, instructions and refills. You will need flash cotton for this to work. The charger unit will not be used during your performance; it is used to charge your firebird gimmick, which takes about 2 minutes to charge. The instruction sheet that comes with it is not in detail. A link is provided for you to view the instructions online. I think the refills provided should be more.

To say that you don’t have to activate it with a switch is not totally correct. You will need to activate the gimmick with the push of a button (more like a safety feature which does not fire the flash cotton yet. The tilting of the gimmick will activate the heating mechanism. When the button is activated, you will need to be careful as not to tilt too much to have a pre-mature activation.

If you are into fire magic, this would probably be a utility device that can enhance your magic. Rating : 3/5

Floating Kung Fu Cap FKFC (Beer Bottle Cap)by Peter Morse and Magic Apple

Written by Bernard Sim

The demo for this effect seems a bit too cheesy for me, especially the part with the kung fu pose. Anyway, that’s just me.

This is obviously a combination of the helicard and the karate coin using a bottle cap. The routine itself is not too
bad, considering you get a few effects in one routine. The package comes 2 different normal caps with matching
punctured caps plus the items necessary to perform the routine. You will need to take some time to prepare one of
the items and this item is expandable. If you do this trick a lot, you will have to replace the gimmick eventually but a
generous supply of this gimmick is included in the package.

There is also a manuscript which teaches you how to perform this effect. 2 methods for doing the floating cap and 5
methods/ ideas for doing the non-floating effect are taught. This is probably a strong and easy to do floating effect
but somehow or rather, I don’t have the “wow” feeling. This could be cause by watching the demo before I see the
actual product.

Experience magicians will definitely know the method to accomplish this effect. If you have never done a floating
effect before, this might be a good one for you to start. Rating 3/5.

Innovative Card Magic by Mariano Goñi

Written by Bernard


If you have seen Mariano Goñi’s Melting point, you would know that he is a creative magician. This DVD is divided into 2 sections. The first section features 5 routines and the other sections features 6 moves and quick effects.

Let me tell you, I am very impressed with this DVD. The title for this DVD “Innovative card Magic” indeed described this DVD truly. The moves and routines are fresh and they look really good. Some of the routines are variations of other routines but they are very nice variations.

I like everything in this DVD except for Harmony Stone; it requires a full deck set-up and the first half of the routine is quite weak. Having said that, there are some clever methods used in this routine. It is not a bad routine, just that I don’t quite like this as compared to other routines in the DVD.

Raikiri Shoot looks really cool. After watching the all the routines in the performance segment, I immediately went to the Raikiri Shoot’s explanation. I should have known how it was done but I didn’t as the way Mariano performed looks impossible. This is not difficult to do but you need to prepare the gimmick which you may already have.

The Hurricane is another very cool stunt you can do with a single card. The card spins fast and long.

The Eagle is a very cool way to learn the identity of a stopped card without looking at the face of the deck. The deck is not marked and can even be borrowed. The gimmick needed is included in this DVD.

As for the rest of the routines, they are worth learning even though some of them are variations of other routines. These are strong and powerful routines. Highly recommended. Rating 4.5/5.


Mash Pack by Garrett Thomas

Written by Bernard


I always like Garrett Thomas’s work, especially his coin work. When I first saw this trailer, I was fooled. It looks really good in that demo.

After I got my hands on the real thing, I was smiling to myself about how ingenious this gimmick is. There are many versions of this effect in the market and all of them require a gimmick and you will need to ditch that gimmick if you want to continue using the deck for other effects. For Thomas’s version, the deck itself is gimmick and it is very well made. You can show the deck casually by spreading after the card box has been transformed into a deck. You can probably continue to use the deck without the need to switch it, but I think the number of routines using that deck will be limited. The DVD showed Garrett Thomas performing this to a group and the reaction from this group is rather tepid. I don’t know if it’s due to the personality of this group or Thomas’ performance. Anyway, this is not important.

Besides the main effect, there are other effects which are also taught in the DVD. You will not be getting just 1 gimmick deck but 2 different gimmick decks. I will not disclose the actual deck used for the card box to deck effect. The other accompanying deck is a deck that has the design of the card box printed on the back of the playing cards, the box for this deck is also specially printed. You will be able to use this deck for other routines as well.

So for a MSRP of US$40, you will be getting 2 well produced decks as well as a DVD. I’d probably not use this if I were to do a card box to deck effect, there are other version which I think is more appropriate. But then again there will be tradeoffs if you were to use other version as compared to this. The plus point for Garrett Thomas’s version is that you will be getting 2 decks and these decks can be used for other effects. Rating 3.5/5


Written by John Teo

The torn and restored card, one piece at a time, is now considered a classic of magic. Many variations are available in the market.

Nash Fung’s version, Colour Fusion, incorporates a colour change, and the card can be signed by the spectator.

The effect is as follows: a card is selected and a large signature is put across its face. It is folded into quarters, and one quarter of the card, with part of the signature on it, is torn away and retained by the spectator. The magician proceeds to visually change the colour of the back (say, from blue to red) of the remaining three-quarters of the card, one quarter at a time. This piece is then handed to the spectator who finds that the signature on it matches exactly that on the blue back quarter of the card that he is holding. This makes a wonderful piece of magical souvenir for the spectator who assisted the



The entire routine, especially the various moves, is well thought out. This enables the entire performance to be smooth and seamless, and the signature matches exactly. This leaves an impossible object as a perfect souvenir for the spectator to remember the performer. All this is accomplished without the use of any specially printed card.


Perhaps, a question may arise. If the magician can change the colour of the back of the three-quarter card, can he not restore the last quarter as well? This is what Nash Fung proceeded to do as his bonus trick to us: Colour Fusion & Restoration. The effect is the same except that the magician restores the last quarter as well, still with the original

colour back! This looks really weird for lay people who are not aware of specially printed cards. On the front of the card, the spectator’s signature matches exactly!


The instructions are in the DVD. The DVD is well organised and the instructions are clear. You also receive eight gaff Bicycle cards for the bonus effect.


(5/5 stars rating)