Magic Products Review

F*ck Street Magic #1 - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Before you press the start button to play the DVD, make sure that there are no kids around as it contains blue humor and adult language.

The effects shown are quite good but the patter may be offensive to some people. I don’t think you can ask a stranger where her G-spot is! Nor talk to a lady stranger about condoms or even ask if she like sex? I don’t think I can use Todd Diamonds patter at all.

There are only 3 effects in the DVD. They are:

A non-gimmicked version of the marketed effect “NFW” (a very short routine)

A spellbound coin routine (the only routine that is not vulgar and last only 20 seconds) . This routine requires some special coins and gimmick. Nice.

An ambitious card routine which keeps mentioning about G-spot.

The routines taught are decent. Explanations are very clear and you wouldn’t have problem learning the effects. There is also an interview with james Dimmare which last for about 29 mins. Some good tips here from the interview.

If you don’t mind the adult content, buy it. But if you can’t accept adult language, you can always use the routines and add your own patter. 3.5/5 

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Color Burn

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a color changing card effect that is very visual. The effect is very similar to Chris Webb’s Wipe the slate clean.

DVD comes with some special cards which are needed to make the gimmick. The gimmick is  very easy to make. There are no moving parts for this gimmick and I feel that the gimmick is far more superior and simpler than Wipe The Slate Clean. Gimmick will last a long time. The change looks very nice and visual. Explanations are clear and precise. Additional routine based on the same type of gimmick is also included.

Recommended 4/5


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Shalosh : Stage Work by Nimrod Harel - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a limited edition (only 444 printed) book with 3 strong routines plus an additional bonus routine. Nimrod Harel is a software engineer who has never work in this field and he is currently a full time mentalist with a prime time television show.

The routines in this book are designed for frontal presentation for a large audience. Nimrod Harel has detailed the various presentations of these acts and distinguished between stage work and television.

The first effect in the book is a Russian Roulette routine “Fire at Will – Roulette with a staple gun”. As the name suggest, this is a Russian Roulette routine using a staple gun. The preparation is easy if you can find a proper staple gun (which is not difficult to find). Like any of this type of effect, there is always a certain amount of risks involved but Nimrod has minimized all these risks with a very well thought routine. Once the staple gun has been prepared, you can use it for a long time. Set up is easy and fast. There’s 2 other version in this book, Shimon Nachmani’s version using the staple gun and the other using a nail gun. Eran Raven performed the nail gun version in Phenomenon.

The second routine is Bible, an “add a number” type of effect using a special calculator. He also tells you how to do this using a normal calculator. This routine seems to involve everyone but in actual fact, it only involves 6 to 10 audience. This one has a nice ending; he goes along the line of subliminal message instead of a prediction. Another version is also taught whereby the routine can be customized to suit a corporate event.

The last effect is a bank night effect “A Clean Game”. There are no gimmicks involved nor stooges. The set-up is very clever and you are very clean throughout the whole routine. This one is easy to do, you will be able to know which envelope the spectator chose at the beginning of the routine. The rest of it is just presentation. Bryn Reynolds has a similar routine “Your Lucky Nite’ which can be found in his ebook “Safwan Papers”.

Bonus routine: many people would probably know the Out to Lunch principle but not many will know why this principle was name as such. Not many will know that the originator of this principle is Nimrod Harel. In this routine, he shares with the reader what he thought is the best routine suitable for this principle. Unlike the previous routines, this one is done close-up. Very interesting presentation.

This book is highly recommended for those who does mentalism and those who are thinking of going into mentalism. The book is easy and fun to read as well. Rating 4.5/5. 

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Wicked World Of Liam Montier Vol 2 - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

The effects taught in this volume are

  • Measles – A wild card effect whereby a card with spots magically transfer its spots to other cards. Examinable at the end of the routine.
  • Coin in Case – A coin penetrates in and out of the cellophane of a card case.
  • Little Miss Show -  A short ambitious card routine which can be incorporated to any ambitious card routine.
  • Sock-it! - Coin penetrates a sock, variation of coin in handkerchief from Bobo coin magic.
  • Bandit – 4 ace production, one at a time. Performer deals down card one at a time from a shuffle deck, spectator calls stop at 4 different location and the aces are produced from these locations. This will take some practice to pull off.
  • Smiling Queen – A gag by making creases on the face of a note, tilting the note back and forth will cause the face to frown or smile. The effects ends with a big smile and glasses printed on the note. Very cute.
  • Sleeve Assembly – A 4 ace assembly that requires no gimmicks though a quick set-up is needed.
  • Corker – A miniature bottle with a cork. When the cork is taken out, it becomes a normal size cork which is too big to fit the bottle. A prediction can also be added into the bottle for an additional effect.
  • Card Deck Case – Card effect using 4 aces. 4 aces are found underneath a card case, it is then mixed into the deck but is found under the card case again.
  • Happy Monte – A 3 card monte that is very similar to color monte. Smilies are use instead of colors.
  • Only Joking – Another 4 ace production (Liam Montier seems to like effects using 4 aces) ending with 2 black aces and 2 red aces changing places.
  • Card thru Bag – A selected card is lost in the deck. Deck is then put inside a clear bag and the selected card slowly melts through the bag. Very nice and visual effect. This is similar to Card in Handkerchief from “Expert at the card table” book by Erdnase.

Like the first volume, this DVD has various interesting materials to suit anyone. Explanations are short and clear. 3.5/5 


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Wicked World Of Liam Montier Vol 1 - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

The effects taught in this volume are

  • Stickman Sebastian – A Card Transposition effect
  • Hof Slap -  Variation of Hofzinser’s classic Ace Problem
  • Worry Dolls - 3 miniature dolls vanish in a closed fist but to appear in a box which they came from initially. Dolls look eerie enough to generate interest in spectators.
  • Lollipop – A lollipop is pulled out from the stick and is restored. An additional idea is taught as well whereby the lollipop will move by itself.
  • OOTW-999 – Based on Karl Fulves “Even-money Proposition”. This is a Paul Curry’s “Out of this world” effect without the use of a full deck. The set up is easy and it has a special ending 
  • Visual Voodoo – An interesting effect whereby a spectator will choose one stickman from a group drawn on a business card. The chosen stickman vanishes from the card and the card can be given away.
  • Triumph Twist – A triumph effect
  • Cheater – Card changes places with other cards in the sleeve.
  • Psy-Kik - A spectator writes a number/ initial and an ESP shape on a post it pad. The performer is able to divine the results.
  • Coin-Corde – A Chinese coin magically links on and off a cord. Some sleights is involved.
  • Withdrawal – Effect using an ATM balance slip. Abill appears in a folded ATM slip. Nice and interesting effect which is easy to do.
  • Psychic Pickpocket – An impromptu effect whereby a selected card is “Pickpocket” from a deck in the box.

The DVD has various interesting materials to suit anyone. Explanations are short and clear. 3.5/5 


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Wi by Jason Messina - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

Wi is a manuscript printed on single sides of a 13 pages A4 size paper on.If you have seen the demo, you’d probably agree that it’s a waste of time viewing it.

With this principle, you can do mental effects included in the manuscript. All the effects require the use of a mobile phone. They are not difficult to do.

One of the effect “The Restaurant” is a prediction effect. The performer writes a phone number on a piece of paper and folds it up. The spectator will hold that piece of paper without looking at it. The performer than ask what cuisine the spectator feel like eating. When they say Chinese food, the spectator will unfold the paper and dials the number written on the paper. The call will be put thru to a Chinese restaurant. This will work with any cuisine they choose, provided the performer has already made the proper preparations.

The effects are not bad but at US$25, I’d expect the manuscript to be printed as a booklet rather than on a stapled stack of papers.

Rating 3/5


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