Magic Products Review

Baltazar Fuentes And His Magic by Baltazar Fuentes – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

There are many very good concepts and ideas in this DVD. A total of 9 routines and 2 card sleights are taught in this DVD.

I’ll talk about the sleights first. The first one being Revolutionary Pass, this pass looks so good and undetectable. The video even slow it down 3 times and you still won’t be able to catch the move. Besides this pass, another pass “Baltazar's Turnover Pass” is also taught. This one is easy to do and you’d use it too.

Now for the routines, these are some nice routines even though they are not new in plots.

3.0 Balls

The classic 3 balls routine. I find this routine can be a bit confusing at times as there a many repetitions. However, you can also modify the moves to suit your needs. The moves taught are very useful.

Ring And Rope

A  standard routine that is magical at times. There are some parts of the routine that I like. Fuentes’ moves are clever and convincing.

Coins Thru Table

Very nice coins through table. The kicker ending is very nice, when I first watch it, I thought he was using 4 extra coins when he doesn’t use any extras at all. Coin workers will love this.

The Matrix Strikes Back and Matrix 2

Are 2 very well thought matrix effects. Of this 2 matrix routines, I prefer the Matrix 2. Matrix 2 starts with the standard coins moving from 1 card to join the coins at the other card. It ends with an additional of 4 coins, 1 coin under  each card. This is more knuckle busting but if you put in effort, you will be rewarded.

Disention Aces

This is similar to the effect “Cutting to the Aces”. The aces “pass” through the deck one at a time. Looks simple but not that easy to do.

Phantom Kings

4 kings are shown to the spectators; they are then transformed into aces. This one looks nice and I’m sure you’ll enjoy performing it.

Upright Change

Is a color change that is a tad different from the traditional method. In this method, the fingers can be spread wider to show an empty hand. The change looks magical.

Coins And Purse

Added as a bonus routine in the DVD. I don’t really like this routine (the sequencing) as some parts doesn’t make sense. An example would be, putting a coin into the purse , then take it out again and then vanish it. This is done when there are 3 other coins on the table. But from this routine, you can learn some other moves that you can apply to your coin magic.

The most annoying part of this DVD is the editing. I feel that he should get someone else to do the editing. Remember how the songs in the 80s are remixed? Flanging was used during that time. This DVD has Flanger added during his explanation. I don’t see any reason why this should be done. It is kinda irritating with this going on when you’re trying to listen to his explanation. But don’t let this minor fault stop you from getting this DVD. I think this is a good DVD to own. You can learn various moves and sleights. Baltazar is very slick with is sleights.

Recommended, rating 4/5.


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Balloon Detective by Devin Knight

Written by Bernard Sim

Remember the age-calculator? This is similar but different, ironic? Maybe, but what I can tell you is that this is a very clever way of presenting a balloon animal. Usually ladies and kids like balloons. When you twist something for them, most of the time, they’ll go “ooh, aahhh….”. If you combine it with this effect, they’ll probably like you more.

What you get in this package are 4 balloon menu-cards and instructions. The cards itself have printed pictures of the balloon sculptures. They are cleverly arranged in a way where you are able to know what your spectator have chosen (design as well as the color of the sculpture). There is a minimal memory work here but they are very simple.

The included instructions are very clear. You will be taught how to perform this effect for different people (as in men, women and kids). However, if you do not know how to twist a balloon, you’d need to find how to do it as the instructions will not teach you how to twist. But he does recommend what books to get or where to find online in order to learn how to twist. You can of course perform this without twisting a balloon.

Recommended for balloon twisters and even restaurant workers, maybe amateurs, professionals, actually it’s for everyone. The only difficult part in performing this is to twist the balloon. If you know how to twist, then there are no difficult parts at all.

Rating 4/5


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Baffle Bat by Terry LaGerould - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

What you get is a metal pedal with 4 thin magnets used as the spots. The quality of the paddle is top notch. A sheet of instruction is included, describing the paddle move and a basic routine.

With the spots being movable, you can create many routines. However, with 1 paddle on each end, I think routines should not be too complex as the spectator might get confused. This paddle will last you a long time.

Recommended 4/5


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Attack Of The Copper Silver Coin by Cameron Francis and David Forrest

Written by Bernard Sim

The DVD starts with a very funny intro. A total of 10 routines (nine to be exact as one of them is a variation) and a bonus card routine that utilize a gimmick coin that you can make by yourself.

When you buy this DVD, you should already know that you need a copper silver coin to perform the routines. I like all the routines except for Opposite Attract which I feel is too confusing. Apart from this routine, the rest of them are great. Some great thinking in the usage of this gaff.

There are no difficult sleights here, you need to be able to do a classic palm (one of the routines requires you to be able to classic palm on both hands), a Bobo switch and a shuttle pass to do the effects.

The only downside (nothing to do with the routine) is the video quality. Cameron Francis and David Forrest takes turn to film each other and the audio can sometimes be too soft to be heard. The music prior to each routine is too loud, while watching the video, I had to turn the volume up to hear what they re talking about and turn the volume down before the start of the chapter. But having said all this, this is just a minor problem. You’d learn many things in this DVD.

Cameron Francis and David Forrest are a funny duo. I truly enjoyed watching the DVD and also learnt some interesting routines too. I’m sure coin workers will like it too. If you happen to have the gaff sitting in your drawer collecting dust, it’s time to take it out and learn from this DVD. There will be something suitable for everyone.

Recommended 4/5.


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Archangel by The Enchantment - Trick (ARCHANGEL)

Written by Bernard Sim

Archangel is a 3 phase routine whereby you can perform all phases together or combine any 2 phases to make it a single routine. This consists of a mental effect ending with a magical “key” flight (no reels involved).

The effect flows smoothly and everything is well thought out. No difficult sleights involved and it uses a clever way of bending the signed key. The only downside is that you have to obtain the right keys in order to do this effect. You probably don’t want to use a spectator’s key as you might break their key.

Comes with a booklet, key ring, keychain and some small tags to tag onto the bent key as a souvenir. .

Recommended 4.5/5


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Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD (DVDWGANNIVERSARY)

There are a total of 5 routines in this WGM DVD.

The Anniversary Waltz - Doc Eason

Doc Eason’s version uses only 2 DL and a gimmick card. The routine is easy to understand and it looks very fair. As long as you can do a DL, you’d have no problem doing this routine. Doc Eason tips some important and nice subtleties here.

Card Fusion - Jean-Jacques Sanvert

In this version, you’d need 2 gimmick cards. Some sleights required here. You can choose to do this to a single spectator or to a couple. There are many magical moments here and this routine looks magical.

Hula-Fusion - Carl Andrews

This looks similar Doc Eason’s routine (which is what Carl Andrews based on) except that this routine does not require any gimmick card. The routine can be done impromptu with a borrowed deck.

Anniversary Waltz - Garrett Thomas

I like Garrett Thomas but I find his version of this routine a bit boring. He uses the same gimmick card as Doc Eason’s. It still looks very similar to Doc Eason’s version. Garrett Thomas’ version is too slow for my liking. However, he does add some nice subtleties to show that the signatures are on separate cards.

The Wedding Test - Etienne Pradier

This is similar to Jean-Jacques Sanvert’s version. The good point in this version is that the chosen card can be examined just before they are signed. Pradier has device a way which looks really fair to a spectator. The rest of the routine are again similar to the previous routines. 

In summary, the routines here are very similar to each other; you’d probably want to combine some of the moves to suit your style. IMO, I think Doc Eason’s routine is all you need to perform this effect.

Rating 3/5


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