Magic Products Review

Third Eye by Andrew Mayne – Book

Written by Bernard Sim

Andrew Mayne has many items in the market. So are really good and some not bad. Unfortunately, this item doesn’t fall under the “really good” category.

This 16 page book has a total of 4 routines. All of them are book tests using a magazine. The first two routines use the same method. This method is not new and they are not foolproof. Andrew Mayne has thought out an out should the method fail. What I don’t like about the method is they rely on calculations. Some people are just not convinced when calculations are involved.

The other 2 routines’ method is a lot better. There are no preparations for all the routines and they can be done impromptu. If you are a fan of book tests, then this is for you.

Rating 3.5/5

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The Works by Steve Dobson - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

A total of 7 routines are included in this DVD. Actually, not really 7 as I consider one of them to be a move rather than a routine. Two of them coins and the rest are cards. Out of the 4 card routines, 1 of them uses a full deck whereas the rest are packet tricks.

All the routines are doable. Some routines require gimmicks which most magicians will own. Most of the routines are short and they are suitable in restaurant settings. The effects are interesting and I like them.

If you are doing restaurant work, you might want to take a look at this DVD. If you’re a hobbyist, I’m sure you’ll use some of the packet trick.

Rating 3.5/5. Though this is a short DVD, it’s still worth investing in it.


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The Thing Platinum Edition (DVD, Props, CD) by Bill Abbott

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a wonderful one-man levitation that you can perform everywhere. The Platinum edition comes with everything you need, even including a band aid (no, it’s not use to heal your fingers; there is a use for it).

This routine is suitable audiences of all ages and for stage, parlor and even close-up (in a restaurant/ strolling gig). With this edition, the box that is included comes with 2 sizes, a stage/ parlor version and a walk-around version. The smaller box can be packed flat and fit nicely into your pocket.

The almost 2 hour long DVD is packed with information. The teaching is clear and the only difficult part is the acting part, but this is coverer thoroughly by Paul Wildbaum who is a pantomime and in stage movements. With his tips, you’ll be able to make the effect look more convincing and magical.

The audio CD that comes with it has plenty of tracks for you to select.

Like all magic effects, you have to put in time to practice before performing it. Practicing this in front of the mirror can be fun too. The poster can help you in your practice as the pictures are in photographic sequence.

This is a wonderful piece of magic, if you are thinking of doing a Zombie effect; this will be a good choice as you can use it for all occasions. Recommended, rating 4/5. 


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The Taiji Coin Vanish & Other Mysteries by Allen Zingg - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Allen Zingg applies the knowledge he has in Taiji into coin magic. With this move you can vanish a coin and you can spread your fingers implying an empty hand. Allen Zingg teaches the method in a precise and slow (too slow for my taste) manner.

I felt that this vanish is nothing earth shattering. Its kinda risky in certain situation. There are other sleight which may be similar to this vanish, one that comes to my mind now is the Mutobe Palm. Though you are able to do a complete vanish, the movements will involve your entire body.

For the Taiji Coin Vanish Plus, a gimmick coin is used. I feel that this is redundant because if you were to gimmick that coin, you don’t have to use the Taiji Vanish move. There are other methods which looks better. The gimmick coin used here is not new. Many magicians have put out many versions in the market. 

Besides this vanish, other routines are included. These are a coins across, a 4 coin vanish one at a time and a method of palming a card while doing a shuffle. 

I feel this is a very slow DVD and I wish Mr. Allen Zingg can speak a little faster. If you are just into coin magic, I don’t think this is for you. There are other better methods out there. 

Rating 2/5


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The SOS Coin Production by Tim David

Written by Bernard Sim

If you have read the ad, it never mention what you’ll get when you purchase the DVD. Besides the DVD, you’ll get a special coin. However, this coin is not something new but I assure you that the method used are very new and unheard of.

Some of the coin workers may already have this coin at home but you’ll still need the view this DVD on what this coin can do.

I’ll talk about the SOS first, to do this; you have to meet certain criteria which unfortunately I don’t. The method use is very clever and innovative. From the demo, I thought it was something like  Now U C It, Now U Don’t, which I was wrong. The movements in the SOS are not as restricted and look more natural. You can produce up to 2 coins from the seemly empty pair of hands. This will even fool magicians.

As for the rest of the effects, they are not bad and they use the same coin. The Insight Vanish looks cool and you can do a retention of vision like vanish with you fingers spread out. Again, another clever use of this coin. Some routines will even use part of the coin.

I don’t quite like Off-hand though. The coin is supposed to levitate from the spectators hand but it doesn’t look convincing enough for me. You need the fingers to be on the coin to levitate it.

Overall, I think this is still a good DVD. You get the coin and the DVD for US$40.

Recommended. Rating 4/5. 


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The Plot Thickens by Oliver Meech - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

I’ve got this book for sometime already waiting to be reviewed. How I wish I’d review it earlier.

This is a very interesting book with many interesting effects. Most of them are not too difficult to do and most magicians would be able perform them. The book is divided into 4 sections; Cards, Coins, Mind and Miscellaneous.

One of the effects in the card section will seemingly make your spectator invisible to others. The concept is similar to Slydini’s Paper ball over the head. This should be interesting to your spectators and you will be able to milk it for more laughter.

In the Coin section, there is an effect that plays with the spectator’s sense of touch. Besides this, there is also a version of a coin in a sealed soda can that is very easy to do.

The rest of the effects use interesting stuffs such as bubbles, guitar plectrum, bottle, plastic teeth, jelly beans, pen, photographs, bills, sugar cube, sandpaper and more. By looking at the stuff that is used, you should know that the effects would be very interesting. This book is highly recommended.

Rating 4.5/5.


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