Magic Products Review

The SOS Coin Production by Tim David

Written by Bernard Sim

If you have read the ad, it never mention what you’ll get when you purchase the DVD. Besides the DVD, you’ll get a special coin. However, this coin is not something new but I assure you that the method used are very new and unheard of.

Some of the coin workers may already have this coin at home but you’ll still need the view this DVD on what this coin can do.

I’ll talk about the SOS first, to do this; you have to meet certain criteria which unfortunately I don’t. The method use is very clever and innovative. From the demo, I thought it was something like  Now U C It, Now U Don’t, which I was wrong. The movements in the SOS are not as restricted and look more natural. You can produce up to 2 coins from the seemly empty pair of hands. This will even fool magicians.

As for the rest of the effects, they are not bad and they use the same coin. The Insight Vanish looks cool and you can do a retention of vision like vanish with you fingers spread out. Again, another clever use of this coin. Some routines will even use part of the coin.

I don’t quite like Off-hand though. The coin is supposed to levitate from the spectators hand but it doesn’t look convincing enough for me. You need the fingers to be on the coin to levitate it.

Overall, I think this is still a good DVD. You get the coin and the DVD for US$40.

Recommended. Rating 4/5. 


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The Plot Thickens by Oliver Meech - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

I’ve got this book for sometime already waiting to be reviewed. How I wish I’d review it earlier.

This is a very interesting book with many interesting effects. Most of them are not too difficult to do and most magicians would be able perform them. The book is divided into 4 sections; Cards, Coins, Mind and Miscellaneous.

One of the effects in the card section will seemingly make your spectator invisible to others. The concept is similar to Slydini’s Paper ball over the head. This should be interesting to your spectators and you will be able to milk it for more laughter.

In the Coin section, there is an effect that plays with the spectator’s sense of touch. Besides this, there is also a version of a coin in a sealed soda can that is very easy to do.

The rest of the effects use interesting stuffs such as bubbles, guitar plectrum, bottle, plastic teeth, jelly beans, pen, photographs, bills, sugar cube, sandpaper and more. By looking at the stuff that is used, you should know that the effects would be very interesting. This book is highly recommended.

Rating 4.5/5.


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The Disappearance by Jay Sankey - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

What you get in this DVD are the special envelops, special card, plus gimmick card. The effect is very easy to do and self-working without any sleight of hand. The effect will be reset once you put everything back making this a good effect for the roaming magician.

Jay Sankey explains everything in detail. Several methods of force are taught. If you decide to use one of the force taught, you have to make the card yourself which is very easy. The sleights taught in this DVD can be applied to other effects. Sankey also gives fine tips on various sleights .

Sleights taught are: Riffle force, Crisscross force, packet force, top palm, top change, Allerton Switch and false counts.

The only thing I don’t quite like are the envelops, I feel that the envelope will only last you through some performances due to wear and tear.  There is no way to replace them unless you buy a new set.

This effect is very easy to perform and is recommended for beginners. 

Rating 3/5


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The Complete Muscle Pass by David Kong

Written by Bernard Sim

This DVD teaches you how to do the Muscle Pass properly and this is the only authorized DVD that teaches John Cornelius’ “Coin that Falls Up" and "Coin Through Window”.

I first learn to Muscle Pass from Mike Ammar's classic renditions on the floating bill. It was on VHS at that time. It took me a while (and lots of pain) to make the coin jump up.

When I was viewed David Kong’s DVD, I thought to myself, “How can this young chap teach this tough move?” I was wrong. David has plenty to offer. The DVD is about 70 minutes long and the actual teaching of the Muscle Pass is about 7 minutes only. The rest are filled with routines and tips. Though some of the routines are variations, it is still worthy of learning it.

The effects ranges from simple (that is when you have mastered the Muscle Pass) to difficult. This guy can Muscle Pass with both hands and even with 2 coins in each hand! There are some really useful applications that can elevate your coin magic.

If you always wanted to learn the Muscle Pass and its applications, do not hesitate to get this DVD.

Recommended 4/5


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The Castle Routine by Ed Ellis - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

This ten mins routine consists of the 4 aces being lost in the middle of the deck and appears at the top of the deck several times. The other phase is an ambitious card routine with an addition of a card to pocket. For the finale, a ring and a rubber band is used to locate a signed card.

The explanation part is one hour long and the following are taught in the explanation segment.

Giant fan control Turn over pass  Pitch Change

Five Card lift  Aces escape  Ringnature  

Take 5   Center Double  In hand change

Hit turnover  Fan escape  Y production

Ellis cut control  Card to pocket    Classic force

One hand change 

Ed Ellis is very proficient in his sleight of hand. Everything he does is very smooth. You can break this ten mins routine into several phases to suit your needs. The explanation are very clear and you would not have any problems understanding what he is trying to teach. 

Recommended for card workers. 4/5


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The Cardiste CD by Rusduck - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a CD which contains 5 PDF files namely


Index to Rusduck and His Cardistry

Rusduck Bio

Rusduck in The Linking Ring

Rusduck in The Phoenix 

They are reproductions of old materials that was published more than 50 years ago. They are scanned into a PDF format. Some of the prints are not too clear. You will actually need to guess some of the words as the scannings are not clear.

The CD contains more than 90 card routines. Some full routines and some utilities moves. Some routines are self-working, some need stackings and some with sleight of hand. Most of Rusduck’s routines are stacked based.

Navigating this CD may not be very easy even with the help of the index. The index will tell you what page the routine can be found. This works fine on The Phoenix files as the page number in the index is the page number on the PDF file.  However, it is not the same for Cardiste. For example,  the index’s number five, 1958 page 11 is actually on page 77 of the PDF file.

You’ll probably spend quite some time to navigate and read through the effects in order to find something you like.  

Plenty of materials. Buy this if you like to collect this as a reference. 



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