Magic Products Review

Vanished & Gone by Peter Duffie - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

The basic effect is to let your spectator think of a card and that card will be “gone” from the entire deck. This is a self-working effect and it only requires a one-time set up, provided your spectator doesn’t mess up the deck. It is a very simple routine which may be a strong one if you present it well. This effect suits all level and all you need to do is just spread the deck and the cards does all the work for you. If you combine this with a Brainwave deck, it’ll make the effect stronger.

Rating 3.5/5


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Unshuffling The Faro Shuffle by Paul Gertner (Deck and DVD) - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

This effect can also be found in his DVD and book “Steel and Silver” but the instructions are brief. In this stand alone effect, everything is taught in great detail. This is a very good effect though not easy to perform. When you see Paul Gertner do it, it looks so easy. Paul Gertner will guide you through the proper method way to do the Faro Shuffle. He also includes the finer points in doing it. This is probably the only DVD in the market now which teaches the Faro Shuffle in detail.

Included is also a custom Unshuffled deck. When you buy this, not only can you learn the proper way to do the Faro Shuffle, you can also perform it with the Unshuffled deck. Paul is a very good teacher and he even offers the buyer email support if the buyer have problems with the Faro Shuffle.

Besides this effect, I highly recommend his book and DVD “Steel and Silver”. Take a look and you’ll thank me for it.

Rating 4/5


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Uncovered (Secrets For The Serious Magician) by John Luka

Written by Bernard Sim

John Luka performs old school type of effects in this DVD. Almost all the effects are variations of other magician’s.

I’ll talk about some of the routines in the DVD.

Flipper coin routine’s vanishing phase is similar to John Kennedy’s routine.

Chromo Balls is Luka’s 3 ball routine, 3 different color balls keep appearing in the hands even after they are put away.

Back to the 19th century is based on Daryl’s Psychological  Assembly a.k.a. Jumping Jolly Jokers. This one has an easy set-up with no difficult sleights involved.

Card to wallet is a variation of John Mendoza’s Bendix Bombshell routine found in John Verse Two. Nice and strong routine without any palming. An addition of a card transposition ending with a signed card to wallet makes this routine fun to watch.

Licked at last is based on Mike Power’s In The Hand Triumph found in Power Plays.

Airplane card is based on Vernon’s Airplane card found in Vernon’s California Lecture note.

Michigan Monte is a four card monte using non-gimmick Jumbo cards.

The performance is slow paced and the routines are achievable for most magicians who has basic knowledge.  Youngsters should take a look at this to understand how routines should be constructed. 

Recommended 3.5/5


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Two-Faced by Richard Osterlind

Written by Bernard Sim

Beside getting the well constructed prop, a booklet of ideas/instructions is also included. This is a very versatile prop that you can use for a close-up shop as well as stage performance.

The routines are very good too; some of them are very funny and entertaining. You can use this in a children show as well as for adults (from family theme to adult theme). This prop is not a new idea, there have been other effects using the same principle. I’m sure the owner would be able to incorporate other routines into this prop.

Recommended 4/5.


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Twister (With Props and DVD) by Jay Sankey - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

A key bending routine with several variation including a in the spectator’s hand bend and a visual bend. Some of the bends are quite visual, without covers as well. This effect requires some very basic and easy sleight of hand. Some utilities moves which are coin based sleights are taught. The keys provided looks kinda cheap. It is the same type of key that Sanykey uses in his effect Killer Key and you may want to combine the 2 together.  This effect is not too bad as it uses a prop which everybody recognizes.

I hope Jay Sankey was joking when he say “Bobo switch was inspired by a clown”. You got to know Sankey to understand his humor. 

Rating 3.5/5


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TSCTW (The Smallest Card Through Window) by Magicshop

Written by Bernard Sim

Again another DVD without dialogue by Ralf Ruolph of Germany/Hannoer. In this 20 minutes DVD, you’ll learn how to make the corner of a signed card penetrate a watch’s glass.

The DVD is easy to understand even though there are no dialogues. A choice of English and German subtitles are given to choose from.

You’ll need to prepare the watch. Preparation may take a little effort but will be easy when you are familiar with it. You can’t use any type of watches. The recommended watches are the cheap ones which you won’t have problems getting your hands on. There are some sleights involved which can be modified to suit your ability.  Ralf Ruolph recommends the watch to be given away as a souvenir. But if you do not want to give away, you can still keep the watch and use it again.

Some nice thinking here. A good effect that is not too difficult to do.

Recommended. 4/5 


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