Magic Products Review

Baffle Bat by Terry LaGerould - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

What you get is a metal pedal with 4 thin magnets used as the spots. The quality of the paddle is top notch. A sheet of instruction is included, describing the paddle move and a basic routine.

With the spots being movable, you can create many routines. However, with 1 paddle on each end, I think routines should not be too complex as the spectator might get confused. This paddle will last you a long time.

Recommended 4/5


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Attack Of The Copper Silver Coin by Cameron Francis and David Forrest

Written by Bernard Sim

The DVD starts with a very funny intro. A total of 10 routines (nine to be exact as one of them is a variation) and a bonus card routine that utilize a gimmick coin that you can make by yourself.

When you buy this DVD, you should already know that you need a copper silver coin to perform the routines. I like all the routines except for Opposite Attract which I feel is too confusing. Apart from this routine, the rest of them are great. Some great thinking in the usage of this gaff.

There are no difficult sleights here, you need to be able to do a classic palm (one of the routines requires you to be able to classic palm on both hands), a Bobo switch and a shuttle pass to do the effects.

The only downside (nothing to do with the routine) is the video quality. Cameron Francis and David Forrest takes turn to film each other and the audio can sometimes be too soft to be heard. The music prior to each routine is too loud, while watching the video, I had to turn the volume up to hear what they re talking about and turn the volume down before the start of the chapter. But having said all this, this is just a minor problem. You’d learn many things in this DVD.

Cameron Francis and David Forrest are a funny duo. I truly enjoyed watching the DVD and also learnt some interesting routines too. I’m sure coin workers will like it too. If you happen to have the gaff sitting in your drawer collecting dust, it’s time to take it out and learn from this DVD. There will be something suitable for everyone.

Recommended 4/5.


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Archangel by The Enchantment - Trick (ARCHANGEL)

Written by Bernard Sim

Archangel is a 3 phase routine whereby you can perform all phases together or combine any 2 phases to make it a single routine. This consists of a mental effect ending with a magical “key” flight (no reels involved).

The effect flows smoothly and everything is well thought out. No difficult sleights involved and it uses a clever way of bending the signed key. The only downside is that you have to obtain the right keys in order to do this effect. You probably don’t want to use a spectator’s key as you might break their key.

Comes with a booklet, key ring, keychain and some small tags to tag onto the bent key as a souvenir. .

Recommended 4.5/5


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Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Anniversary Waltz (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD (DVDWGANNIVERSARY)

There are a total of 5 routines in this WGM DVD.

The Anniversary Waltz - Doc Eason

Doc Eason’s version uses only 2 DL and a gimmick card. The routine is easy to understand and it looks very fair. As long as you can do a DL, you’d have no problem doing this routine. Doc Eason tips some important and nice subtleties here.

Card Fusion - Jean-Jacques Sanvert

In this version, you’d need 2 gimmick cards. Some sleights required here. You can choose to do this to a single spectator or to a couple. There are many magical moments here and this routine looks magical.

Hula-Fusion - Carl Andrews

This looks similar Doc Eason’s routine (which is what Carl Andrews based on) except that this routine does not require any gimmick card. The routine can be done impromptu with a borrowed deck.

Anniversary Waltz - Garrett Thomas

I like Garrett Thomas but I find his version of this routine a bit boring. He uses the same gimmick card as Doc Eason’s. It still looks very similar to Doc Eason’s version. Garrett Thomas’ version is too slow for my liking. However, he does add some nice subtleties to show that the signatures are on separate cards.

The Wedding Test - Etienne Pradier

This is similar to Jean-Jacques Sanvert’s version. The good point in this version is that the chosen card can be examined just before they are signed. Pradier has device a way which looks really fair to a spectator. The rest of the routine are again similar to the previous routines. 

In summary, the routines here are very similar to each other; you’d probably want to combine some of the moves to suit your style. IMO, I think Doc Eason’s routine is all you need to perform this effect.

Rating 3/5


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Written by Bernard Sim

10 routines are found in this DVD and they can be performed in most close-up situations.  The DVD starts with the performance of all the effects and then the explanations on the later part of the DVD.

1. “Local’ is not a new effect which has the matchsticks appearing from a seemingly empty matchbox in the spectator’s hand. The matchbox can be examined at the end of the routine. You will need to make a simple gimmick yourself. You can also do the effect in reverse; i.e. is making the matchsticks in a match box vanish. Pretty cool.

2.  “Between the back palms” is a card production that uses a sleight that is bold and rarely used in a close-up situation. This routine is not easy but it is very strong. Experienced card workers will not have any problems performing this routine as the sleights are not new inventions.

3. “4our” is a 4 card production that is quick and visual. The first appearance of the 2 cards uses a new move and the last 2 card’s appearance uses mis-direction. This is very tough to pull off, if you know Lennart Green’s Top Shot, you’ll know what I mean. If you know this, you’d know it looks really nice.

4. “The Coin Mint” A signed coin to impossible location effect.  Each time you do it, it’ll cost you a Listerine strip. The sleight you learn in this routine can be applied to other coin effects. You can even use this sleight in a spellbound routine.

5. “Papermate” A pen routine inspired by Gregory Wilson’s “Recap”. Now this is a very nice routine that is worth exploring. There are no gimmicks involved and it can be performed impromptu. The kicker ending will surprise your spectators.

6. “AKT 1” = Ace King Transposition is a 2 phased 4 card transpositions that happen all at once. No set-up and can be done impromptu. Sleights involved may be tough for some. You can perform this even without patter as this is a very visual change and the spectator will understand what is happening.

7. “The Domino Effect” is a copper/ silver coin type of effects using sugar packets (sugar and substitute sugar) which is also similar to Michael Ammar’s $1 and $5 transposition. It is a very simple effect which is suitable for restaurants. A simple construction of the gimmick is needed. The gimmick can be reuse for future performances.

8. “Cash Back”, Card production that utilized money. This looks rather visual and you have to prepare the gimmick prior to performance.

9.”Arson” A visual card effect that vanishes a lighter and then producing it at the end of the routine. The method is not difficult and the result is actually quite good.

10.”Under and Out” After learning this card vanish; you can apply this to your other card effects. You will have to prepare the gimmick and this will make your vanish of a card very clean.

So, with these 10 effects, you can use it for you close-up work, on the streets, in a restaurant or even in a casual setting with friends. All the routines in this DVD are actually quite good. I have to admit that I don’t like the way some of the routines are presented but you can always change the presentation. Some of the moves can be quite knuckle busting but I like the gimmicks used here as they can be made at home and cost very little. So, in all, I think this DVD is worth taking a look and I’m sure there is something which you can use.

Rating 4/5.


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Akross by Sean Fields - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

This DVD contains variation effects on the cards across plot.

The main effect Akross uses 2 gimmick cards that can be made by yourself or bought from a magic shop. You’ll need a no brainer set-up. The effect looks impressive and it is not difficult to do. The selected signed card from a red back deck travels to another deck (blue back) invisibly. You can even do this effect with multiple selections.

Krossed up: A variation of Akross which makes 2 cards to transpose.

Singularity: Described as a “thought” of card to travel from 1 half of the deck to the other. I find this description misleading as this is obviously not a “thought” of card. The card is chosen via a method that is a variation of the riffle force. The good thing about this force is it actually looks nice and convincing.

Duality: This is a packet trick type of effect that magically causes 2 cards to change places. Not quite easy but looks very visual and magical.

In the DVD, Sean Field keeps talking about how strong these effects are and he keeps repeating “This kills”. This kinda turns me off after awhile. But having said that, the effect in this DVD is good.  Receommended for intermediate level magicians.

Rating 4/5


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