Magic Products Review

The Cardiste CD by Rusduck - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a CD which contains 5 PDF files namely


Index to Rusduck and His Cardistry

Rusduck Bio

Rusduck in The Linking Ring

Rusduck in The Phoenix 

They are reproductions of old materials that was published more than 50 years ago. They are scanned into a PDF format. Some of the prints are not too clear. You will actually need to guess some of the words as the scannings are not clear.

The CD contains more than 90 card routines. Some full routines and some utilities moves. Some routines are self-working, some need stackings and some with sleight of hand. Most of Rusduck’s routines are stacked based.

Navigating this CD may not be very easy even with the help of the index. The index will tell you what page the routine can be found. This works fine on The Phoenix files as the page number in the index is the page number on the PDF file.  However, it is not the same for Cardiste. For example,  the index’s number five, 1958 page 11 is actually on page 77 of the PDF file.

You’ll probably spend quite some time to navigate and read through the effects in order to find something you like.  

Plenty of materials. Buy this if you like to collect this as a reference. 



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The Card Idol Series Vol 1 by Fenik – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

There are many visual effects in this DVD. The effects performed in this DVD are without dialogue. Some requires you to be standing when performing them.

The routines here are not for the beginner. All routines are done by sleight of hand and there are no gimmicks used.

Fenik is a very good card worker. The routines look really nice and visual. At the end of the DVD, Fenik performs many version of the Pass, they look really incredible and I think he’ll probably put them in his later DVD.

If you’re a card worker looking for something visual, this is for you. 3.5/5


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The Adventures of Winston Freer CD by Miracle Factory - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

This is a CD containing scanned booklets of Winston Freer materials. As some of the booklets are so old, the prints might not be very clear in certain books. Plenty of materials inside.

Of all the routines/ ideas in this CD I particularly like Freer tile deal. This is a very interesting topological puzzle. A set of geometrical shapes forms a rectangle. When a small square is removed from this set and re-arrange again, yet they still form a rectangle seemingly without losing any area. This is repeated 2 more times, at the end a total of 3 squares are removed and yet the rectangle still seems to be the same shape and size. You’d have to construct this yourself which would be quite easy since the template is already provided.

At the end of the CD, footage of Winston Freer performing a levitation is also shown. The video is in black and white and is not very clear, but you can still see what’s going on. Plenty of materials for you to choose from. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some stuff that is usable.

Rating 3.5/5 


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That Can't Be Good by Jay Sankey - CD

Written by Bernard Sim

Jay Sankey’s comedy act is recorded live in this 38 minutes audio CD. The language he used is more suitable for adults. As this is recorded live, you can hear the audience’s laughter and applause throughout the CD which can be annoying at times. Asians probably would not be able to understand his jokes due to the culture. This would also be more enjoyable if it is recorded with video rather than just audio.   

Rating 2.5/5


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Zero Gravity (Gimmick and DVD) by Jay Sankey - Trick

Written by Bernard Sim

The effect allows the performer to balance a borrowed object such as wallets, a deck of cards, a mobile phone etc on a folded napkin or bill. The DVD comes with the gimmick which is very simple but you need to set this up before performing. 

This is a very good opening effect and is very easy to perform. Sankey provides a few ideas on how to present it, including how to combine this with other routines. He also teaches how to set this up in the middle of your show. 

Recommended. Rating 3.5/5 


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Romhany On Stage by Paul Romhany - DVD

Written by John Teo

Paul Romhany is an internationally acclaimed magician, having performed in numerous theaters, cruise ships and on televisions all over the world.   He is most famous for his Charlie Chaplin act, in which he dresses up as the silent classic character of years gone by, and performs visual magic without patter.

In this DVD, you get to see snippets of his Chaplin act.  This comprises ladder form case, linking coat-hangers, unending silk production from pocket, cut and restored rope routine, Ricki Dunn’s drink trick and his levitating broom.

Paul performs and explains the following effects:
• Rope Routine – an adaptation of the George Sands routine and features rope with 4 ends, sliding knots, transposable and detachable ends.  Paul also discusses the type of rope he used.
• Newspaper / Umbrella Routine – skeletal umbrella to umbrella with newspaper fabric.
• Dream Holiday – an entertaining prediction effect in which he predicts the destination, the cost as well as the name of a lady a spectator is going to take to a dream holiday.  Paul discusses a couple of subtleties such as how to do the effect without using an expensive wallet, or having to resort to double writing.
• Clean Sweep – this is Paul’s version of the Fred/Oscar/Phil trick.  A randomly named card correctly identifies an object hidden inside a paper bag.  Paul discusses the use of only one deck to accomplish this effect.
• Linking Coat-hangers – this is a performance only with an invited spectator on stage.

These are some of Paul’s favourite routines that he uses in his professional acts.  Paul is an accomplished magician and you can see the entertainment value of all his performances in the DVD.  The DVD is well produced and it is difficult not to be able to find as least one item that you can add to your performing repertoire.  (4.5/5 stars rating)

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