Magic Products Review

Accuracy by Andrew Gerard - Trick (ACCURACY)

Written by Bernard Sim

This one is a really nice effect that looks impromptu. You need a simple preparation which is easy and fast.

As for the performance, you have to meet certain criteria on the performance area which I can’t say as it’ll expose the method. When you do have a chance to perform, this looks really good. The methods used are a combination of clever principles which is not difficult at all. Everything can be examined before and after the effect. I like this a lot.

Highly recommended 4.5/5

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Comedy Routines by Matt Fore – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Frankly, the cover of this DVD didn’t excite me. I didn’t look forward to reviewing this DVD. Fortunately, I was wrong. I totally enjoyed watching this DVD.

There are certain things in this DVD that some of us may never be able to master, such as imitating Matt Fore’s character. But this DVD is not about duplicating his character; it is about developing a character that may make your audience laugh.

The routines in this DVD are not earth shattering routines, but these are workers and will elevate your performance level. They are not difficult to do but you’d need to purchase the props from magic shops. The routines are suitable for audiences of all levels. He did them in a company function, a church and even a kid’s party. One of them even got him a standing ovation.

Matt Fore didn’t reveal the workings behind the marketed items as he feels that it is not ethically right. What he does is to add his style to the effects and make it more enjoyable to watch. Some of the routines are explained in detail on the set-up/ preparation etc. Some routines are just performance only, e.g. the Chinese Sticks routine as the performance clearly tells you what and how to do.

So, if you’re thinking of injecting some fun in your performance, then you’d need to get this DVD. I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I do.

Recommended, rating 4/5.


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Colossal Blizzard by Anthony Miller and Penguin Magic – DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

This effect is based on a combination of Kenton Knepper’s Kolossal Killer and Dean Dill’s Blizzard. You’ll need to have a deck of blank face cards as the DVD doesn’t come with the deck.

Two different handlings are taught in the DVD. The basic handling doesn’t use any difficult sleights as the deck does everything for you. In the advanced handling which I prefer more looks cleaner and it’s probably easier to perform.

The overall itself is not too bad but I prefer Dean Dill’s Blizzard more. The deck can’t be examined though you can still show it as “Clean”.

The good thing about this effect is that you only use a single deck throughout the routine and there are no switches. This is very good for table hopping and is even suitable for a beginner.

Recommended. Rating 4/5


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Collins Aces (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

There are 6 versions of Collins Aces in this collection.

Spelling Collins' Aces - Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis’s version ends by spelling to find the aces. No gimmick cards used in his version. Some simple sleight and setup is needed to accomplish this routine. The routine is simple and easy.

Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces - Bill Malone

Bill Malone is very entertaining. His routine starts with the production of 4 aces (Steve Dobson’s Flip out Flourish) which looks really cool. His version of the Collins Aces is similar to Martin Lewis’s. Malone adds a few moves which makes it more magical and flourishy. The explanation is very detailed making learning a breeze.

J. C. On Collins' Aces - J. C. Wagner

There is no spelling sequence in this version. This version looks difficult to do but all you need is know how to do a DL and an Emsley Count. Some phase looks startling and magical. The best thing is about this version is there are no set-up. You can do this impromptu.

Spelling Collins' Aces - Michael Ammar

This is the same version as Martin Lewis’s version. The only difference (which is not significant) is Ammar allows the spectator to choose the number of times the performer cuts the deck. However, the explanation is more detailed than Martin Lewis’ as there are different camera angles used for the explanation.

Collinspell - Alex Elmsley

This version is the most difficult and a bit more technical there the rest of the routines in this DVD. There are no setup needed and thus can be done impromptu. The shuffle has to be precise in order to make the spelling work.

Collins’ Aces – James Swain

The routine starts with the production of the 4 aces (which is not explained), followed by the Collins’ Aces and ends by finding the Aces through a Poker deal. Nice but need a bit of work to accomplish it.

I think this is very nice DVD on this routine. You probably won’t do all the versions in this DVD but you have a choice to choose which routine which most suits you.

Rating 3.5/5

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Coin Fusion (US Half Dollar) by Chris Stickland

Written by Bernard Sim

This one is fun to play with. The effect looks magical as well visual. With the gimmick, it makes the performer seem to have super powers. The coin is visually torn into two without any covers and is then magically restored.

This comes with the gimmick coin and a DVD. The learning process is pretty easy if you’re a beginner, it’ll be a breeze if you’re already into coins. The basic and advance handlings are taught. The advance handling is not that difficult and it makes the whole effect look cleaner.

A fun effect to play with.

Recommended. 4/5


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Cherry Cola Queen by Liam Montier - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

When I first flipped through this booklet, I was thinking “Man, this looks crappy!”.  I then put it away. A few weeks later, I decide to read this book again and boy was I wrong. There are many unique effects using different props, from snooker ball, playing cards, cigarettes, business cards, greeting cards, compact disc and even  taps. One of the effect uses a party popper which enables the performer to apparently fire twice on the same popper.

Snookered is my favorite. This routine uses a snooker ball as a prediction; the performer plays a game of snooker using a set of cards with snooker balls printed on it. At the end, the remaining card/ ball matches the prediction. Easy and fun to do.

Not all effects are good; some are just in his development phase. But most of them are usable and not that difficult to do. You may not use all the effects in this booklet but I’m very sure you can find something suitable for you.

Recommended. 4/5


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